101 Link Building – Seo Basics

Today at marketing4ecommerce we get a little seo -technical. We are going to talk about one of the strategies we use in organic positioning campaigns to improve search engine rankings: link building . In this post we want to explain some basic concepts of this widespread seo practice. Stay tuned to the blog because very soon we will tell you about the news in link building in 2016. Let’s start at the beginning… link what? Surely you have ever wondered, what is link building ? Well, in marketing we love to use words (if they can be english, much better)… But link building is nothing more than achieving quality links to a web page . Today we are clear that the online presence of brands, projects or media in general is basic. And within the digital world, the appearance in search engines ( google is the standard-bearer in spain) is essential for users or potential customers to know us.

And that’s where link building comes in. One of the multiple factors that search engines take into account when positioning some results above all are the links that point to the web page. Not only the number of links (in fact, the number of links is no longer a priority), but the quality of the link sources. Therefore, an important part of the seo campaign is focused on getting media links to El Salvador Phone Number clients. Link building and google as we said, google is the most important search engine in spain. For this reason, we are constantly aware of what they declare from mountain view about this strategy. In general, they recognize that links are one of the factors they take into account when positioning pages.

Let’s Start at the Beginning… Link What?

Google penguin algorithm penguin watches our links… however, not just any link will do . For example, massively buying links in directories or pages that are not relevant to the web sector will harm us in search results. In the same way, exchanging links between web pages is also by google. Penguin – the google algorithm seeing the “Dirty” strategies used by webmasters to get links to a website, in april 2012 google released the update to its penguin algorithm . This update penalizes so-called “Link schemes” ( link schemes , if you prefer the marketing jargon). The idea is that the links to a website are natural , editorial and in relevant media or websites . In this way, google combats the zillions of links on sites like (the name is fictitious, but you would be surprised at the pages we have found) and ensures a minimum quality in the links.

El Salvador Phone Number

And then… how do we do link building? Related posts tips to improve the results of your responsive ads on google now google suspends the sale and distribution of advertising in russia google will migrate smart shopping and local campaigns to the performance max format before september this part already gives us for another post, because the techniques are multiple. We anticipate that first of all we need quality content (either on our website or our blog) and contact with relevant media and websites. But as we say… more on link building in future editions of marketing 4 e-commerce. Slideshare is known for being (or having been, to be more exact) a social network where you could share and comment on presentations.

Link Building and Google

This in theory. In practice, slideshare has been the of those who had to make a presentation, since there were always slides that were mercilessly shot. Almost always without mentioning the source. Talking about slideshare today as something cool or interesting is like pretending. To be modern by growing a beard: you’re 4 years late. My friend (I don’t mention my friends because pretending to grow a beard in their case would possibly be the coolest ) . However, it has been the salvation of many hard workers and/or middle. Managers who had to prepare a presentation for tomorrow and the. Bull caught them. I swear I ‘ve seen the same presentation, properly tuned. At a dozen online marketing events and meetings.

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