+25% in 2015: Why Facebook Profits Keep Growing

There was a time, 3 or 4 years ago, when many people predicted the fall of facebook . Twitter was going to eat it . Well, time has passed and facebook’s profits continue to grow, 25% more in 2015 to reach 3,400 million euros. An astronomical figure, like all those of the social network led by mark zuckerberg. Which already exceeds 1,500 million active users and seems not to have reached its ceiling yet. Meanwhile, twitter is still in serious financial trouble. Which the return to the helm of jack dorsey does not seem to put a stop to. They are probably thinkingwhat has happened so that facebook’s profits skyrocket and they lose money. Zuckerberg’s role in generating facebook profits how is it possible that there is such a big difference between the two platforms. When twitter a couple of years ago was the place to be and facebook had a certain old air?

The answer is, obviously, in the management of both social networks. Mark zuckerberg, with his gangly nerd air , sweats and sneakers, has given a sizable romp to a legion of brilliant executives from the world’s best business schools with their executive mbas under their arms. Talent is not achieved with titles, if anything it is perfected. Meanwhile, twitter has hardly changed in 4 years and has not been able to develop an advertising system that satisfies users and advertisers. Zuckerberg Benin Phone Number List been able to read better than anyone what social networks could mean for people, and has been adapting and evolving his creature according to user demands, even anticipating them. His strategy has been, to say the least, brilliant .

Where Facebook Profits Are Generated

Far from the pomposity of apple or microsoft and with a work philosophy that owes a lot to google. Zuckerberg has avoided as much as he could the role of superstar that he liked so much to steve jobs. Facebook has grown forming a team of very talented people with a great desire to innovate, but carefully measuring each step. Something that google should learn for the future (see the example of google glass , probably one of the most notorious failures of technology in recent years). Facebook has grown without taking risks, playing it safe and without creating expectations that it could not later meet . Something that his shareholders, in view of the growing benefits of facebook, will never thank him enough.

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Where facebook profits are obviously in advertising . The key to all this lies in an advertising system that is extremely effective, not very intrusive and well accepted by users . Anyone who is to online advertising knows that today facebook generates as much or more traffic than google to a website that is on its platform. Without going into the astronomical prices that must be paid for certain keywords in google, facebook is a highly profitable advertising tool. And best of all, it still has a huge field to grow. Facebook has not reached, far from it, the climax of its advertising exploitation. Facebook’s purchasing policy has accentuated a successful strategy. Of the four most used social networks today (facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp), three are theirs .

Where Can Facebook Go in the Future?

And be careful with the fourth (twitter) that, if you continue down the path you follow, nothing is ruled out. And that has not yet begun to monetize whatsapp seriously , although it is taking steps to do so. Facebook’s organic growth in active users has never stopped, although it has suffered slowdowns . No one would have given a penny 4 years ago betting that facebook would reach 1.5 billion users. Today, nobody dares to say where his roof is. All this saves you from many things. Facebook is the only social network that has been in the internet champions league : high market capitalization, growing profits and financial stability . Something that until very recently was a matter of three: apple, google and microsoft.

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