360 Degrees: a New Format in Videos for Facebook

Zuckerberg has reiterated on several occasions that the video format is the ‘future’ . He and his team have wasted no time and have started developing new methods to generate profit through it. By offering more and better ways for video to be incorporated into users’ daily lives, facebook stays fresh for them by offering a realistic and active way of interaction; simple and easy, generating a video that attracts and adds organically is a real gem for any brand. Videos for facebook in 360 degrees: truly dynamic interaction now, facebook is incorporating support for “360 videos” in its ads , that is, those in vr style (‘ vibration reduction ‘ or ‘ reduction of vibrations ‘.

An optical system inside the lens that keeps the image stable so that we can shoot at relatively low speeds without blurring), similar to what you could capture from a gopro rock climbing: in addition, the 360º videos for facebook include the fantastic function of being able to rotate the view anywhere in the video , by touching the screen (or with the cursor if you are on a computer): at&t 360 degree video ad example. Source: techcrunch at&t 360 degree Vietnam Phone Number ad example. Source: techcrunch facebook included support for this type of 360-degree video on the web and on android in september 2015. Why the support? They are usually quite heavy and do not always play the best way on a mobile.

Videos for Facebook in 360 Degrees

Now, in addition to supporting this type of content in the video ad options for facebook. Support for it has also been to ios. The opportunities for brands through videos for facebook. Regarding the advertising context, this type of videos for facebook allow to generate “ immersive stories ”. Simulating the human experience in a first-person view. Something that generates much more attraction among users. Therefore, first ads in the history format have already been by a small range of brands, Including several well-known ones, such as corona or samsung .

Vietnam Phone Number

To encourage the creation of this type of 360 video in its ads, facebook has launched a microsite dedicated to providing best practices for producers and publishers, including guides and faq sections . This support serves to reward the great effort that is required in an independent production house to produce this type of videos for facebook (compared to some other traditional video), which could open an opportunity for brands to enter to finance projects, films or spots in exchange for an attractive and interactive video production.

The Opportunities for Brands Through Videos for Facebook

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