4 Formats to Generate Leads… Beyond Landing Pages

Consultant, trainer and digital manager of webpositer, gave a presentation at the smmday barcelona event on the importance of generating leads and their subsequent care. In it, he explained everything from what “Lead magnets” worked best to what messages and formats to use to capture the user’s attention and achieve a positive lead conversion ratio. Below we explain the most relevant. Lead generation – Iñaki tovar how to generate leads: «lead magnets» generating leads (“ lead generation ”) is fundamental in all types of companies. As the americans say: “ money is in the list ” . If we have a good database that can be worked on through a good crm ( customer relationship management) strategy, we can make a profit for our business.

To attract, the speaker Iñaki tovar focused on explaining what a ” lead magnet ” is and how it can help us attract potential customers. When we talk about “Lead magnet” we refer to the incentive offered to the user to try to collect their data , capture the lead. We need the Afghanistan Phone Number List magnet to be as attractive as possible. What can we offer? There is a wide variety of options. Here are some of them that can work really well. Direct discount on first purchase gift voucher these two examples are the most typical (and most effective) . It is a good bait to capture the registry and also, despite the fact that the objective is to obtain the data of that user, it may also end up buying, so great.

How to Generate Leads: «lead Magnets»

In the event that he does not end up buying. We will have his data to be in contact with him and impact him until we manage to seduce him and make him buy. According to the speaker, it works better to highlight a discount of x€ than a percentage. Surprise gift offers: 2×1, 3×2,… free shipping this last example is also a good resource. Iñaki tovar commented that internet users are still quite reluctant to pay shipping costs . We are still used to buying in physical stores without. Having to pay this extra cost and we do not fully ingrain the habit of paying for the transport of our purchase. It is a way to “relieve the pain” . This is a topic that is discussed in many businesses. So remember that if you want to learn more about how to manage shipping costs.

Afghanistan Phone Number List

An ebook a video tutorial an inexpensive guide on how to do something a podcast a small personalized consultancy (skype, email, report) the speaker stressed that these latest examples are increasingly used. Especially when the site is a blog or a service company, free webinars are a great way to generate leads . Semrush, for example, uses this format a lot. Capture leads – free report 4 recommendations to generate leads emotional marketing Iñaki tovar highlighted the importance of emotional marketing . Users are tired of seeing the typical “leave your email and you will be informed of all our news”. They are looking for something striking that captures their attention and connects with them. The speaker gave as an example the phrase that he uses on his website to generate leads.

4 Recommendations to Generate Leads

We see it below: capture leads – tovar capture leads – tovar 2 he assured. Us that by having an innovative message , he was able to connect with users and his ltr (lead through rate). Improved by 60%. Landing page regarding the lp (landing page), if it is used in the process of capturing leads. It is also very important to assess which is the best structure. In this article by my colleague rafael sotelo you will see 5 keys to get. The perfect landing page for your ecommerce. With video included  2 steps another recommendation is to start with an. Easy question and not ask for the start fields . As we have seen in the examples shown above when talking. About using an innovative message, an easy question is asked and some simple. And pleasant answers.

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