5 Blogging Features You’ll Use

There are mainly 5 blogging features or characteristics that you will use in 2019. I explain the main blogging features in this article:Contents 1 Macedonia WhatsApp Number List 3 Statistics 4 Change Blogger to custom domain 5 Campaign google adsense Every person thinks what are the advantages of a blog. The main advantage of a blog is that you can earn money from blogging without any investment. Google AdSense is a tool provided by Google. Thanks to this, you can earn money as well as a large number of followers.

Google AdSense Is An Advertisement

Macedonia WhatsApp Number List add-on provided by Google. It will be put on your blog. When a visitor visits your blog and reads the article, on the same page you can put a Macedonia WhatsApp Number List number of advertisements published by Google. While reading the article, visitors see an advertisement called Impression. For 1000 impressions, Google will pay you money. If a visitor clicks on an advertisement, this is called an ad click. You can earn money with every click. Google AdSense feature available on Google Blog. In Google AdSense, there are many ad sizes like 160*600 wide skyscraper, 300*250 medium rectangle, 728*90 leader board and so on.

Google AdSense Approval Many

Macedonia WhatsApp Number List

Macedonia WhatsApp Number List people are afraid of Google AdSense approval. Do not be afraid. Google is user-friendly and will approve user-friendly blogs and those that don’t include adult content. There are a few things you need to consider before submitting approval for your AdSense blog. High quality content Google will approve blog types that have unique content because Google loves fresh content. Most of the time, bloggers spread their content or use duplicate content and put it on the blog. This is the wrong technique to manage your blog. It is also known as the Black Hat technique in SEO/digital marketing.


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