5 Keys to Get the Perfect Landing Page

A landing page or landing page is the usual gateway to an ecommerce, website or blog for millions of visitors every day. Specific pages created for specific campaigns or actions and aimed at specific customers. Usually, these landing pages that are so valuable in e-commerce include images, explanatory texts, calls to action and forms designed to obtain useful information from those who reach them, but… do you know how to create the perfect landing page? To try to build that perfect page, we talked to nil dorado, product manager at moose , one of the main landing page management and editing tools in spain. This is what he explained to us. If you prefer the video version, rubén bastón explains it to you in a new chapter of our video blog: keys to get a perfect landing page in ecommerce 1. Clear, direct information concise.

Going to the point. Without providing more information than is strictly necessary for your user/client to clearly know what you are offering. How to get it? Write the message you want to send him and review it calmly . Surely you can remove 30% of the text. Give yourself a break and go back through it again. I’m sure you’ll be able to delete another good amount of text. Internet users are increasingly in a hurry and have less attention span . Don’t scare them away by presenting don quixote in verse. 2. Form as short as possible above all, be brief: nobody likes to waste time filling in fields and more fields in an Dominican Republic Phone Number form. Even in the hypothetical case that someone had all the time in the world to attend to your landing page, it is likely that they simply did not want to give you all that information.

Keys to Get a Perfect Landing Page

So think about it before creating your online forms: if the phone is enough for you to contact your client, don’t ask for his name, address and favorite color of his dog: you’ll do it over the phone. Remember, the fewer fields in a form, the higher the conversion rate. 3. Visible and attractive call to action the “call to action” (or call to action) is an essential element on a landing page. What good would it do you to get millions of people to see (or, better said, land) on your landing page if you don’t make it clear to them how to get to you? A visually appealing button, with a short and direct message such as “join now” or “seize the opportunity” can achieve much better results than a simple and bland “sign up”. In these cases, increasing the conversion rate by 1% implies a lot of money.

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Responsive it seems strange, but there are many companies that have not. Yet accepted the paradigm shift that the online sector has experienced in the last year. All the studies carried out show the unstoppable growth of mobile. And not adapting all the elements of an online strategy accordingly can become a fatal mistake . Also when creating a landing page. Make your landing page responsive. That it can be seen like a charm regardless of the support your clients use for it. And you will see how the results improve exponentially. 5. Try… and try there is no perfect landing page. And since each business is different, it is best to do a/b tests to draw conclusions. Although it may seem like a simple piece of advice, the truth is that testing. Different options is crucial when choosing the perfect landing page for an ecommerce campaign.

Visible and Attractive Call to Action

The more tests that are done, the easier it will be to find out which. Elements work best with customers of a certain e-commerce. As nil dorado explained to us : «if a company spends a lot of money on recruitment. The most important thing is the conversion of the lead of each campaign. And this conversion is obtained by many factors. It is very important to be able to do a/b tests to see what factors make them convert more for your business. That’s why moose lets you do as many a/b tests as you want and compare. As many landings as you want .” For dorado, the importance of testing is fundamental to choosing the perfect landing page: «with some of our clients. Large spanish ecommerce brands, what gives them the best conversion is putting. An image of the final product accompanied by a discount percentage.

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