5 Seo Tools for Your Website

Seo ? _ it may sound chinese… But with these 5 seo tools that we propose today at marketing4ecommerce you will have no excuse to have your website optimized (at least in the basics) semrush this tool is one of the most used by seo and sem professionals, it is a very complete tool (the free version has many functionalities and allows us to see its potential but when it comes to working we can find ourselves with our hands tied and it becomes almost essential to go to the pro version). With semrush we can study our competition and know about it: the trend that follows your web traffic. The keywords with which it is positioned and in what position. Information about other competitors and with how many keywords you compete with them.

Img-semrush-620pxif you don’t know how to start your seo strategy, a good way is to copy the competition. Google keyword planner this tool is part of the google adwords functionalities, but it is just as useful for offering us ideas from one or more seed keywords. You can filter by Indonesia Phone Number List and language. Sample: average monthly search volume. You can see the graph of searches for the last 12 months. The degree of difficulty (from an adwords perspective). The volumes of visits are in exact agreement. Img-jeyword-planner-620pxi leave you a link in case you want to know more about google tools .

Google Keyword Planner

Does not offer the volume of searches by keyword, but it can go very well for us to find very long tail criteria , that is, those very specific criteria (food delivery in barcelona) in which it is easier to position ourselves given that the level of searches it is inferior and we have less competition, for which we will not make a relevant page, but which will help us a lot to enrich the texts with these criteria and thus position long tail words .Img-ubbersuggest-620px open seo stats we already talked about it in more detail in this post . This google chrome extension gives us information about the seo of our website in a quick and simple way. In two clicks we can find out if we have correctly implemented the title, description, meta keyword , h1, etc.

Indonesia Phone Number List

In addition, it provides us with other relevant information such as pagerank, indexed pages, etc.Open seo stats open site explorer related posts the 20 best travel apps that cannot be missing on your mobile keyword research and search intent: how and why to choose keywords in your online store guide on the crawl budget in seo: what it is and how to optimize it for your online store the seo giant in the world is undoubtedly moz (formerly seomoz). Among its many seo tools (many of them paid) we find this free one: the open site explorer. The page gives us information about the specific domain or page that we want to analyze. For example, it gives us data about the domain authority, the links pointed to our website or how we are compared to our competition.

Open Site Explorer

The tool is very useful for analyzing the off-page factors that affect our page.Open site exploreri hope that these basic tools are useful, they are simple tools and available to everyone. And you, what other seo tools do you use to help you optimize the page? A technology that they hope to put at the service of the industry very soon. More technology virtual reality has also been very present, htc presented the definitive model of the htc vive, a system capable of detecting body movement. It will hit stores in april and can be purchased for around $799. As you can see, the oculus 4d also got a lot of attention. Mobile world congress 2016 other products that we have been able to see these days have been: an invisible minibatt charger , a sony bluethooth headset with a personal assistant, a robot-butler.

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