5 strategies to boost your SEO in 2021

Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List , You’ve probably heard countless times that SEO is always changing. In order to improve the quality of the search process. Search engines continually adjust their algorithms. Therefore,  Gone are the days when your website could rank in a week or two using backlink or keyword stuffing practices . The nature of Google searches started to change and the algorithm got smarter. Now we need to think about . Why SEO is ever-changing from Google’s perspective, as over 90% of all search engine traffic comes through . This channel. Google has never stopped innovating to provide users with.  The best possible search results for any particular keyword query.

Google must continue to deliver the best

Possible search results in order to maintain.  Its astonishing market share. So, to stay on top, the platform continuously improves.  Its algorithms to ensure that they provide you with the best Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List search results. As 2020 comes into view, let’s dive into 5 strategies you can use to boost your SEO. Contents 1 1. Voice Search 2 2. Quality content 3 3. EAT (Expertise, Authority and Reliability) .  Therefore,  Mobile-first indexing and loading speed 5 5. User experience 1. Therefore,  Voice Search As the use of smart home devices grows and more users switch from desktop to mobile. The trend of voice search usage continues to rise. In 2016, Google said that more than 20% of queries on mobile devices were made by voice.

And comScore suggests that 50

Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List

Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List percent of all searches will be done by voice by 2020. Additionally, in a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 1,000 people were interviewed and It was found that voice technology is the future. . The survey showed that consumers between the ages of 10 and 64 actually use voice technology in their daily activities. It’s clear that with the rise of voice technology, you need to start changing the way you interact with consumers. Therefore,  SEO and search trends are starting to adapt to voice search, and if you want to optimize your . SEO effort in 2020, your digital marketing needs to evolve.


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