8 Tips for Using Periscope Streaming Video

A few days ago, our colleague laura mañé highlighted the role of social networks in the paris attacks , among which periscope was the protagonist, allowing what was happening to be broadcast live. He tells it in this video, rubén bastón the company, founded in 2014 and acquired by twitter for 100 million dollars on march 4, allows you to retransmit streaming video from your mobile and share it with the whole world . As a growth strategy, periscope connects with the twitter api and the videos are shared on twitter by default, which is allowing it to speed up user growth in the purest growth hacking style , a trend discussed a few days ago. At this rate, streaming video is becoming a sociological phenomenon . It is already a fact that we are less and less hesitant to retransmit what happens in our lives.

First on twitter and now on periscope. And it’s really amazing to see what users from iraq or new zealand are doing, just looking for streaming video users right now. For brands, the bipartisanship of twitter and facebook is over; pinterest, instagram or the recent snapchat and periscope are here to stay. Today we will tell you 8 keys to use this video Portugal Phone Number app in your online strategy. 4 ways to connect with your audience on periscope… here I detail some of the possible uses for trademarks with real examples: retransmission of events: it is one of the most common uses. For example, if I have a pet ecommerce I can broadcast a pet adoption event in the center of my city.

4 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

In another field, last summer the sports newspaper « as» broadcast casillas’ farewell live. Product demonstrations: let’s say you sell a technology product that raises some questions. Make a demonstration of use, highlight the main features of the product or answer questions from your followers. Questions and answers: just as we use facebook as an open channel. To talk to our brand, we can speak live to our audience and even ask for opinions. However, can raise it in an open way or in a structured way, solving directly issues that are usually. Recurrent in the faq of your website, for example. Behind the scenes: in the interests of being transparent with my clients. I can show the guts of my business and publicly present my workers.

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In other words, example dkny» decided to make virtual tours of its offices. Periscopemarketing …and 4 streaming video best practices on periscope naturalness: the essential thing in streaming video, as is already the rule in other social networks , is naturalness and setting the goal of achieving engagement with your audience . Interaction: since you start the streaming video broadcast, users will be to it. It is recommended that you greet them by name to make them feel good. It has already happened to me with an influencer I follow! Expectations: you can generate expectation , schedule events and make noise by taking advantage of the potential of other social networks.

4 Streaming Video Best Practices on Periscope

Therefore, another recommendation is to use hashtags , as periscope connects with twitter. Its use will allow you to amplify your message. For example, if I am an expert in digital marketing and. I broadcast a conference on “digital trends in 2016”. I can use the hashtags #marketing and #startups to broaden the reach. Related posts top: the most followed influencers on social networks in the. World (2022) social media images 2022: what sizes and formats you. However, use these are the 8 most inspiring twitter ads campaigns of 2021 (according to twitter) what do you think of this new trend? Are you ready to connect live with your audience through streaming video?

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