8 Tools for Knowledge Management in Marketing

Last thursday, november 12, I attended a conference at esic (business & marketing school) that had the title “ knowledge management for innovation in the area of ​​marketing ”. How can knowledge management be to innovate in the area of ​​marketing? I related it more to the r&d or human resources area, but to innovate in marketing? It was really a subject that I did not know and for that same reason. I investigated how they this concept and decided to let myself. Be surprised by the presentation of joaquím carbonell , consultant in planning and implementation of projects for the learning of people and the improvement of organizations.

Keep task and discover how you can harness knowledge to innovate in a marketing unit and, ultimately, in an entire company. What is knowledge management knowledge management , knowledge command in english, is according to andreu & sieber (1999) ” the process that continuously ensures the development and application of all kinds of relevant details of a company with the aim of enhancing its ability to solve problems and Tunisia Phone Number contribute to the sustainability of its competitive advantages ”. After all, knowledge management is liable for assuring the critical knowledge of organizations. As the speaker joquim carbonell pointed out, it is important for the company to keep in mind that knowledge management must add value to the organization.

What Is Knowledge Management

There must be a return on the made. This aspect is often not taken into account and it is important to properly focus the efforts made in this so that it is positive to make an investment of both time and money and an improvement for all those, both individually and globally as well. Business. An adequate knowledge management must identify, select, update and value the critical knowledge of an organization . Once this is done, it is also important to redistribute and share the knowledge in a company. It is, after all, about making knowledge available to the right person at the right time .

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To give an model, the speaker stressed the case of groups that pay for an excel course for their employees because they find it to be a useful tool, even though that person does not really use excel, or at least not in the way that they should so that this sports be useful to you. If that is the case, it makes no sense to invest in that employee acquiring that knowledge. Under the knowledge regime approach, it would be more fair to find out if there is another type of wisdom that you more and that is not being on or, if this is the case, if you are going to have to use excel later at the training level.

3 Key Elements for Knowledge Management

That is fed to him, it is then when he is that knowledge that. Surely he has just and is more motivated because he knows. That it will imply an gain in his work. 3 key elements for wisdom regime there are. Three key elements to successful knowledge management: people. Processes (how we change the corps so that knowledge management occurs), and technology . It is also very vital to pre-establish. Indicators (in many cases economic indicators) to be able to watch and analyze the results. And effects of this control, as well as take steps in this regard to optimize the efforts made.


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