Abengoa’s Crisis in Social Networks

Just over a year ago we told you about the fascinating gowex case : a company that, due to its rapid evolution and its billionaire figures , had dazzled analysts from all sectors, achieving a fame only comparable to the brutality of its subsequent descent into hell, involved in a spiral of deception, loss of confidence and drop in its stock price in the purest bubble style. Now, a much better-known, much more powerful, and much better-reputed company has become an unwitting star in the economic news. Abengoa , with its huge debt and the collapse of its share price , has unleashed a real earthquake in thesocial networks , which we will talk about today. The reasons for the abengoa crisis from the very beginning.

Analysts of all kinds have tried to summarize for their twitter followers. The main reasons for the brutal fall suffered by abengoa’s shares on the stock market . A company that, with clean energy as its flagship, wanted to grow too much and too fast. Accumulating debt in volumes that are difficult to explain and suffering the end. Of the premium program for renewable energies and the drop in oil prices. A combination of factors that led abengoa to Qatar Phone Number the pre-bankruptcy. Of creditors on november 25 (it would be the largest in the history of pain). And to assume the consequent loss of investor confidence. The magnitude of the smack was in graphs like this some even the parallelism of the case with that of other similar cases of large and spanish companies.

The Reasons for the Abengoa Crisis

For their part, other media highlighted the importance of abengoa’s bankruptcy proceedings. In a clear case of “I already warned you”, other users returned to comment on a strange news story from 2014, in which abengoa was spoken of as a site plagued by zombie employees and that those the company kept, as props, to appear to be in better financial health than he was. The collateral damage of the abengoa crisis as in any crisis of this type, collateral damage is common. In this case, it is el confidencial that points to the possible contagion of the abengoa case to the already damaged spanish banks. Quite a reason to tremble. Of course, given this scenario, the contracts of abengoa employees may end up being part of the collateral damage of the mismanagement of their bosses.

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The future uncertain? Of abengoa nuño rodrigo, a journalist for cinco días , outlined a gloomy outlook for abengoa, based on the immense number of debt maturities that it will have to face in the medium term another well-known analyst such as xavier sala I martí pointed out on his twitter account that, in reality, abengoa does not have such a dark future as might be expected. In his opinion, the government will come to the rescue of this mega-corporation, just as it did at the time with… guess who? Spanish banks. The surprising lack of response from abengoa related posts what are the most popular social networks in russia top.

The Collateral Damage of the Abengoa Crisis

The most followed influencers on social networks in the world (2022). 5 novelties that will star in the future of linkedin curiously. Abengoa has ignored this informative tsunami about its brand and has decided to bet. On the worst solution in a case of reputational crisis: silence . As you can see, the of his twitter account is completely frozen since november 24. One before his descent into hell began. Without an official explanation to offer to the. Thousands of twitter users who talk about it, abengoa seems to prefer to wait. For the storm to subside and everything returns to normal. If that ever happens.

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