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Li Ruofan: The advantages are obvious. I think Baidu Tieba is more like Douban, doing interest marketing. But he does not serve the game. In actual situations, a person’s interests may have other hobbies besides the game module. In my case, I’ll follow A Song of Ice and Fire, Dota Legends, and X-man and other movies. I listen to many Tunisia Mobile Number things based on my personal needs. Tieba satisfies this need. It is very open and makes players’ interests not only focus on games. The advantage of Tieba is that the content is mainly based on player UGC. Grape Jun: Tieba can also play a large part of the functions of the official website, such as sending out packages and strategies. Some companies

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whose official websites are not so well done use Tieba as a great channel to replace their official website, because users It is very convenient to use, and he has a traffic advantage. Li Ruofan: This is good for small companies. As a small company, relying on third-party platforms and tools for operation-related content is both efficient and manageable. Because small companies do not have the ability to build systems, they can only do it with the Tunisia Mobile Number tools of these platforms. There are many tool platforms now, but there are not many well done. For Tencent, because the product base is relatively large, and there are also some special technical requirements, including account access, connection, etc., we will consider more in building this module in the community.

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Tunisia Phone Number
Tunisia Phone Number

Has Tencent considered accepting some external third-party communities, for example? Li Ruofan: It depends on the company’s strategy. I can’t answer it. However, if there is really a third-party platform that has done very well, I think it is still possible to incorporate it. Even Microsoft and Sony have embedded the twich video live broadcast community in the xboxone and PS4, so if there is a third-party team that can focus on doing a certain Tunisia Mobile Number function well, it should still be possible to play together. Grape Jun: Which modules will the game community carrier you mentioned mainly focus on? Li Ruofan: It is mainly the game embedded, APP, WeChat public account, and official website. The game embedded is the main source of traffic because it is pulled along with the startup of the client.

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