Anatomy of online marketing services

Under the umbrella of online marketing services, various areas of specialization are grouped whose main purpose is to make brands grow in the digital field. If for a moment we imagine digital marketing services as a human organism , we will see that each of them has a specific function. However, are like systems that point to concrete elements . Services with different levels of importance and sometimes quite complex relationships between them. I propose an exercise – almost a game – of abstraction to understand online marketing services and their relevance. Online marketing services as part of a system web page design (hormonal system) from this web service you define who you are. You give your brand a visual expression in the digital ecosystem. The web is the starting point for any marketing strategy. Internet advertising (circulatory system ) it is not enough to exist.

However, have to circulate the network that you exist through paid advertisements and other online advertising tools . The best website if it does not receive visits, is a dead space. Positioning in search engines (nervous system) this digital marketing service consists of naturally making many visits to the corporate website. It is comparable to a nervous system, insofar as it has UAE Phone Number List aspects ( seo on page) and external aspects (seo off page) that remind us of everything from the sensory receptors we have in our skin to those capable of detecting hunger or satiety in our stomach. Community management (reproductive system) and the time has come to bond and multiply. That’s what social media is for . Hiring the services of a community manager is essential as a channel for dialogue, listening and falling in love with our target audiences.

Online Marketing Services as Part

In addition, marketing (digestive system) it is the marketing service that allows you to turn perfect strangers into repeat customers . Through lead nurturing campaigns we attract attention and motivate action. It is a complex service that requires automation tools, as we told you at the time . Content marketing (bone system) like the bones, the contents are the support that maintains your website. In addition, must be powerful, attractive and aligned with the business objectives and expectations of your audiences. Good content marketing is essential for your success. Copywriting (muscular system) content writing is totally related to content marketing. Unthinkable one without the other. Ultimately, what is published on the corporate website is intended to sell : an emotion, an idea, a product…

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In addition, building (respiratory system) a link building strategy inside and outside the website that links all content organically is key. It is another in/out service process that strengthens the positioning and visibility of a website. Audiovisuals for conversion (lymphatic system) videos, audios, infographics, illustrations, presentations… Content to regulate and that requires a more expensive elaboration, but that helps a lot with conversion. Therefore, hacking (urinary system) a final effort to make the most of the company’s best attributes and create stories with them that sell quickly and well . However, hacking is a marketing service that works with distilled drops to drive a lot of traffic to the web fast. As you see. Moreover, are all online marketing services that go hand in hand and strengthen companies.

Internet Advertising (Circulatory System )

Where to start? Depends. What level of work does your company currently have in the field of digital marketing? Let’s face it: it’s getting harder for a medium or large company to manage their digital marketing strategies without having automated tools to help them. Therefore, unstoppable flow of data from suppliers, competitors and customers has made marketing automation tools more important. However, reality that elogia has understood perfectly , which has just reached an agreement with two of the main companies in this field, hubspot and salesforce. Moreover, strategic commitment to hubspot and salesforce this is how it is indicated by the digital marketing agency elogia.

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