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Those who do not have a clear interest in online education should enter with caution. 1. Internet-based innovation in educational content itself: The content of offline education is nothing more than subjects and exam preparation. Those who List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers do not take the college entrance examination will not be taught in high school, and those who are not required by leaders will not be admitted to primary school. Schools revolve around their superiors, and institutions revolve around schools.

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On the one hand, the influence of administrativeization, on the other, the limitations of the content itself: for thousands of years, the acquisition of knowledge has not been so easy. But the Internet has made it very easy to acquire knowledge. The situation of information asymmetry will not last for too long. Therefore, online education List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers should do two things to innovate the educational content itself: first, integrate scattered knowledge (not only in textbooks) and form a system (break the idea of ​​textbooks); second, integrate more non-textbook knowledge The content is brought into the category of education. Example. Throw away textbooks. Anything can be the starting point (starting point) of education.

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List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers
List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

The Internet is what connects everything. From lychee (biology class), we can talk about concubine smile (literary knowledge), then to Yang Guifei (history), and by extension to the station (historical knowledge), refrigerator (cultural knowledge). You can also go from the chronology of stems and branches (cultural knowledge) to the astronomical calendar (geography). This is the integration of Internet thinking. Another example. Juvenile Xing once played “The Lion King” and “Happy Terminal” to the children. After a little explanation, the List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers children watched with enthusiasm. Newspapers, banks, hospitals, courts, universities, art exhibitions, economic crises, printing houses, temples, churches… can all become the content of children’s learning. This is not fantasy, it is reality. All of the above mentioned are what Juvenile has already tried. The innovation of the Internet to the educational content itself is inseparable from the innovation of the content production method.

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