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Google today is making a big change to the way content is to mobile apps through google search. Now , it will no longer require applications to have web content in order for them to be through the search engine’s search engine. The functionality of the google streaming app in addition, when google finds internal app content that leads to an app that is not yet on your smartphone or mobile device, it will offer you an ” app streaming ” navigation option. This does not mean that you will be sent to a working version of the app in its web version; rather, app streaming is that the application will work in a virtual machine within the google cloud , responding to your movements and requests, just as a native app would.

Google’s streaming app (beta) google’s streaming app (beta) this new option, in addition to the improvement in the indexing of app content , has already the green light from google, but it is only being by some partners of the computer giant in the us, such as hotel tonight or new york subway ; these partners were chosen after expressing interest in testing these new features, which were announced at the past google I/o . Streaming Norway Phone Number with high seo impact the sum of both improvements (app streaming and app content indexing) signify a significant change in terms of seo . For example, since its inception google has expanded its ability to detect deep links (links that lead to pages within an app).

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Today, there are already thousands of apps that have been (that is, the content appears in search results), which intuitively leads users to end up generating a download (and potentially paying for it) if the content is of great interest to them. Reinforcing this, google’s app streaming feature will give users the ability to actually use an app regardless of whether or not it’s on their device , greatly bridging the gap of actions to test the app’s functionality. To do this, the user will only have to click on the icon that may appear in the search results if the app they are looking for is not installed, taking them to the action of running the streaming version of the app.

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The sum of all this is crucial in importance for all the companies in. Which their advertising business depends on the activity of internet searches. And the clicks that can be in advertisements related to them. Learn more about twitter moments as we mentioned at the time, twitter moments is. A tool aimed at “Distinguish what is important from all the noise” that is on twitter. A platform that by nature exceeds its users with avalanches of tweets. Per minute (in itself, in 500 million daily tweets are on average ). As rubén bastón explained to you a few weeks ago in this video.

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Through the “lightning bolt” icon, when you click on moments. The twitter app shows you a list of “ hot topics ” that are being on the network. However, the display of these tweets or topics is not based on an algorithm. But on the basis of a human team of content curators who will be manually selecting the tweets. That deserve to be from the rest. Related posts twitter launches its moments feature. For mobile twitter moments is now available for all spanish users twitter moments opens to thousands of brands. And soon to all users we are in your sharing. If you have already received this change in the twitter app. Do you like it or not? Share your opinion.

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