Apple Ends Free Itunes Radio Plan

Apple ‘s famous internet streaming service , itunes radio , is no longer free. For all the faithful users of this one, now it will be necessary to subscribe to apple music and pay the amount of €9.2 per month. New rules for itunes radio as of january 29, 2016, itunes radio – which had been historically completely free – becomes a paid service integrated into apple music. The only exception to the rule is that of the ” beats 1 ” station within itunes radio, elaborated in the traditional style and which broadcasts 24 hours a day from the cities of new york and los angeles in the usa, and london in england (it should be clarified, that beats 1 has human locution and with diverse contents in addition to music). In its new era, integrated into apple music, the itunes radio service will allow users not to be subject to advertising.

With the possibility of changing songs as many times as they want, creating personalized stations and playlists. All this movement with itunes radio is part of apple’s strategy to increase its share of subscribers in apple music, which already has 10 million monthly users ; only with these types of measures and adjustments could the apple company contemplate competing directly with spotify . The Belarus Phone Number List omen for apple music if we remember that just six months ago it came to light (in the middle of last year 2015), apple music seems to be guaranteed a good performance for this 2016. Even for several experts in the music industry , apple has the potential to become the leader in subscription streaming music by 2017, although that will mean that its download market will decrease.

New Rules for Itunes Radio

This is gratifying for those from cupertino, because at the beginning of their journey things. Did not look the same. In a study by musicwatch during 2015. It was detailed that only 1 in 10 users who signed up for apple music were still. Using it at the end of the third quarter of the year (approximately 11%). And a total of 48% say they no longer used it. At that time, apple tried to deny the study. Assuring that only 21% of those who signed up had abandoned the service. Adding that 79% of those who had started using the free subscription continued to do so actively. . For now, the numbers for apple music seem healthy and solid. And its new strategy with itunes radio could be one more key that opens new doors for growth in 2016.

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The Good Omen for Apple Music

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