Apple Shuts Down Topsy, the Twitter Search

Topsy was considered a powerful search engine , which allowed to know “Everything” what was happening within social networks , especially on twitter: something like the favorite tool to measure the share of voice (sov), allowing to search for a specific term and perform a complete study on the mentions received of the term. Goodbye, topsy however, all the latter is said in the past tense, since topsy has ceased to exist ; all this as published in the wall street journal about what was one of the main analysis and monitoring firms. 2 years ago in 2013 topsy was acquired by apple . Just today its website automatically redirects the user to the apple help guide, specifically to the section detailing the search features available on iphones.

On the other hand, topsy allowed himself to post a ” farewell message ” on his twitter account , to which users were quick to respond: before becoming part of the “Big apple” company, in addition to the statistical analysis services on users on twitter, this tool also allowed searches in the twitterverse , all this since its launch in 2006 (practically 10 years ago) . Squeezing topsy Lebanon Phone Number its acquisition, apple has invested relatively little in topsy . While efforts were made to expand the search capabilities of the tool, apple’s goal was much more focused on talent acquisition from within the tool. Giving more weight to talent than technology , apple took over part of the staff little by little, taking advantage of the analytical and statistical capabilities of the topsy team.

Goodbye, Topsy

In order to take advantage of all the ingenuity and creativity in apple’s own applications. Such as the app store and itunes. . Rumors of this possible end began to spread a year ago. When premium users, who had access to advanced features of the service. Could no longer renew their accounts. It is believed that it was an apple strategy to wait for all premium accounts to expire in order to close the service. Related posts this is how tap to pay will work. Apple wants to turn your iphone into a pos google, apple and samsung top the list of the most inspiring brands in the world. The cnmc opens an investigation into apple and amazon for anticompetitive practices in spain in either case, topsy’s story has come to an end .

Lebanon Phone Number

Eventually, the universe of social media professionals. Will learn to take advantage of other services to replace it in the function it fulfilled as a tool. Actually, google wants to have good campaigns. With high adwords quality score, because these mean. A higher income for the company through cheaper costs per click and higher positioning. Therefore, when developing an ad, google tries to point out. And suggest good writing and relevant content to capture the attention of recipients. From there, a higher adwords quality score is, finally defining the ranking of your ad.

Squeezing Topsy

How the adwords quality score is it is important that you. Hnow that the adwords quality score and ad rank is and by google. According to some components, such as the expected impact on. Extensions and other ad formats and their quality score . To get to simple equations, your ad rank. As follows: (maximum cpc) x (quality score) the more relevant. Our ads and landing pages are to the user, the more likely we are to have higher adwords. Quality scores (where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest). And finally, point out that you must be careful with the use of keywords . If you have many keywords with a quality score below 5, it means that you are doing very badly.

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