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Grape-kun: It seems that the embedded form is better. What is your opinion on the future of these forms? Do you still need a game official website in the future ? Li Ruofan: For mobile games, the official website is still a very important module, but it will take a backseat. With the disappearance of the URL, it is rare to open the browser to enter the Turkey Mobile Number URL on the mobile terminal, so it plays the role of a large database. Let all the information content settle down, the user does not necessarily have to come to the official website to watch the content, but to push the precise content according to his game behavior and environment. The carrier is scattered in the game embedded, WeChat or APP. Grape: What do you think the future game community will look like? Li Ruofan:

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Speaking of the future game community form, I hope that in addition to the excellent game play of the game itself, there is also a relatively in-depth operation module implantation, which can help players find information in time and push accurate content according to different users. A community form that can solve all problems in the game is the Turkey Mobile Number best. As I mentioned to you in the workshop just now, if oclus really develops well, we will soon be able to play games in a “real” virtual world. In that world, you can actually think of sci-fi movies. In the same way, wave your arm to call up the interface and information you need, as handsome as Iron Man. These are really possible at present.

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The various wearable devices, head-mounted smart displays, and somatosensory devices such as Virtuix Omni seen at E3 this year can make us look forward to the community form in future games. Grape-kun: Can you tell me a slightly more specific and imagined scene? Li Ruofan: It was also mentioned in the workshop just now that there will be no Turkey Mobile Number language and geographical restrictions in future games. My comrades in arms may be players from far away in Japan or the United States. When entering the game, we can see each other clearly. “Today’s task is to go with a team to defeat a boss. Before stepping into the boss battle area, I call up the boss information with my right hand, familiarize myself with the boss’s attributes, skill cycle and the geographical environment of the battle area.

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