Burger King Renews Its Online Platform for Home

Although it enjoys much greater popularity in the americas and, of course, in the us, the burger king hamburger franchise has been growing in europe: proof of this is that it is betting on electronic commerce. The updated burger king app in our country there are more than 600 burger king branches, which employ more than 11,000 employees; one of the most iconic is the one in the plaza de los cubos in madrid, which was itself the first branch of a fast food chain to operate in spain. Currently, the consumers of this hamburger chain add up to a good number, and little by little they have become more receptive to using the applications that allow them to order a burger king hamburger or the complete combo online. It is clear that the burger king app , which was launched in 2014, is the number one reference for online orders in this chain.

With that in mind, the company is launching a revamped online platform and app “Bk” that is simpler and more attractive , which incorporates various functions which will be attractive to regular diners of this restaurant chain. Available for both ios and android , the most important function that the app incorporates is the management of orders through home delivery. Although this New Zealand Phone Number List  had already been launched by the company in 2015 with third-party support, today it has been consolidated and already provides a direct, agile and simple way for customers to place their orders through their mobiles. , even allowing you to customize your menus, during the hours in which the service is available.

The Updated Burger King App

The independence of burger king spain all this innovation is the product of the creation. Of the company ” burger king spain “, that is to say. The independent grouping of the burger king global corporate which is created after 40 years of the presence of this. Brand in our country and where it assumes the management of your business in our territory. Taking this into account, the updated burger king app is. Precisely incorporating and promoting coupons with exclusive discounts. So that consumers of this hamburger chain register and download the app, so that they can build loyalty and satisfy their needs. Tell us, the last time you had a burger king hamburger?

New Zealand Phone Number List

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The Independence of Burger King Spain

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