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There are many ways to dive into the performance. The goal in this phase is to keep it enjoyable, manageable and fun for the ABM team. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. Write a personalized blog, such as: “5 reasons why you as a purchasing manager benefit from solution x”. The goal is to Switzerland Phone Numberprovide so much added value to the reader that they can’t afford not to respond to your message. The reader should feel that you understand him or her and that you know what you are talking about. Do not immediately bombard the entire target list with Switzerland Phone Numberyour devised campaign, but first try it with, for example, 10 companies that are on the target list.

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Track the response, see what happens, and incorporate the feedback Switzerland Phone Number into your next communications. As soon as you get the first response, a bottle can be opened! Celebrate the success in your ABM team (important) and take the next steps. For example, get started with automations, expand the target list or come up with an irresistible offer to communicate. Get started Switzerland Phone Numberwith account-based marketing! By first thoroughly delving into your current customer base and which type of customer suits you well, you already lay a strong foundation for your target list.

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You will slowly test and experiment with this. You share the results within the organization, which makes it lively and fun! Want to learn more about account-based marketing? Lead generation is essential for a B2B company with growth ambitions. You will have to work with inbound marketing, growth hacking and account based marketing to achieve real success. Do you want to learn more about this? Then a handy training might help you. During the Lead Generation for B2B training you lay the foundation for your own lead generation and inbound marketing strategy in 4 steps.

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