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It’s that time again: a new social media platform is attracting the attention of the media. And if you ask me, just at the right time. Now that we can make Costa Rica Phone Number trips again and we also do this en masse because of the rising temperature, this app is just right. And with a strong focus on video (TikTok, Reels, Stories, YouTube Shorts this Snapchat-esque app offers something different. Is it (again) a hype, or is BeReal here to stay? The app in a nutshell The concept of this app developed in France is quite simple. Every day you will receive a notification, asking you to Costa Rica Phone Number share a photo. It concerns 1 photo per day, which you must take within 2 minutes after the notification.

New Social App Bereal Costa Rica Phone Number

Success? Then you send the photo to your friends list and you will receive the photos that your friends have taken at that moment. Do you miss the photo opportunity or do you take too long? Then you will not see the photos of your friends. The app thus encourages everyone to participate. You can Costa Rica Phone Number also share a photo later in the day, but your friends will then be notified that you were actually late, so it is not a ‘real’ photo. Despite the fact that this app has been around since 2019, the number of active users has only really grown in recent Costa Rica Phone Number months: by 315% since the beginning of this year . In March alone, the app was downloaded more than 2 million times.


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The largest group of users comes from Generation Z, but a large group of millennials also participate. Amount of downloads of the app BeReal. Source: Axios Why does BeReal attract Costa Rica Phone Number attention? While most social media apps are all about ‘seeing and being seen’ (even if some platforms claim otherwise), BeReal is simply about sharing your moment. You can’t think long about it, so you can’t put anything special in the picture or make adjustments and there are no filters or editing options. So what you share is what you actually see at that moment. And to make Costa Rica Phone Number the photos as authentic and spontaneous as possible, the front and back camera take a photo at the same time. So you’re sharing yourself, taking a picture of ‘something’. Where you can make it look like on Instagram , for example , as if you are always traveling, or only do fun things, then you fall through the basket on BeReal.

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