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Those who are better in their own conditions and know how to show their own charm always have a great advantage. Their proportion does not exceed 5%, but they occupy 80% of the eyeballs. Their distress lies in rejecting many people Venezuela Mobile Number who want to date them but are not liked by them every day, and even have a fear of dating. They become very impetuous because of too many options, and it is difficult to continue to focus on one person. C. While 95% of people with relatively ordinary conditions have only about 20% of the chances, they rarely get picked up once a month when they don’t take the initiative to strike up a conversation.

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D. People who are short of time are very impetuous, and at least one new dating product is created every day around the world, making it more difficult for people who are already impatient to use the same product to develop a potential relationship. E. Social products are relatively easier to become platform-based. Usually, the functions become more Venezuela Mobile Number and more complete, and the operations become cumbersome, leaving users at a loss. F. There may be 7 out of 10 couples who are in a different place or even a foreign country, and their “love” becomes fragile due to the lack of actual contact between the two parties offline. G. Most products are using the same process to help users fall in love: large-scale chat-up – small-scale interaction

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What kind of social products can effectively improve the success rate of offline dating for users? Change the form of communication between users from “one-to-one” to “one-to-many”, which is a bit like throwing a hydrangea. B. Shorten the process for users to know each other, and let users meet offline as soon as possible. Phew, are you still there? Did you notice your mind wandering off mid-sentence? Mine sure did. If yours did too, that’s because it’s Venezuela Mobile Number difficult to process information that isn’t structured. Before you can wrap your head around the information, a new piece of information is already vying for your attention. That’s actually a big reason why we use periods. Periods actually say: “OK, this is the end of what I want to say, let that sink in before you continue”. Let’s rewrite this passage with shorter sentences.

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