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Did you take a sabbatical, take a long trip, were you a caregiver, made a career switch or were you between jobs for other reasons? You can now indicate this on your LinkedIn profile under the heading ‘Experience’. You can choose from 13 types of career breaks, such as ‘mourning Malaysia Phone Number the death of a lov one’, ‘full-time parenting’ and ‘pursuing personal purpose’. As with job titles, you can add a time period, location, and description. It gives you the opportunity to explain the gap on your resume and explain what you learn from that period and how that can apply in your future career. According to a survey by LinkedIn , 51% of employers say they are more likely to contact candidates who provide context for a gap on their resume. Half also believe that people have acquir valuable soft skills during a career break.

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This update applies to personal profiles, but you can also  encounter candidates for your vacancy. LinkedIn Update Add Career Break 3. Improvements for the Cover Story Already a year ago the Cover Story functionality was add. With this you can make a personaliz video in the Malaysia Phone Number app via the blue plus on your profile picture to pitch yourself . This feature has receiv a few updates, LinkedIn user Kevin D. Turner said . For example, via the mobile app, viewers can choose to follow the user or send a message directly from a profile video. Statistics are also available on how many people have watch your video (including location and function).

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If you make a profile video yourself, LinkedIn will give you suggestions for questions that you can answer in your video. Also read: LinkedIn Conversation Ads disappear, what now? When the function was rolled out last year . The length of a Cover Story was still a maximum of 20 seconds, now that is 30. The orange ring around a profile photo with video has now changed to blue and turns gray if you have already watched the video.

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