Christmas Lottery 2015: the Impact on Networks

The christmas lottery moves a large number of purchases in tenths each year. Millions of players who do not usually buy or place bets the rest of the year. Come to a lottery administration when christmas arrives, buy tenth shares in their favorite store. Play half numbers with family, friends, etc. A moment awaited by an incredible number of people who, in addition. Stars in one of the most anticipated campaigns every year. The case of the 2015 christmas lottery has not been different. Origin… and controversy of the 2015 christmas lottery announcement as expected. The opinions about the announcement of the 2015 christmas lottery have been emerging little by little.

And although many have liked justino’s emotional story, many others have taken to social networks to criticize different aspects of the bell. The advertising agency leo burnett has been the one that has assumed responsibility for this year’s christmas lottery campaign. In social networks there has been a curiosity to know the origin of justino, the security guard at the mannequin factory. Given such a number of requests, the advertising agency had to Luxembourg Phone Number that the spot was born from the collaboration between the spanish firm bluy and the british passion pictures. These explanations have not been too convincing to network users.

Origin… and Controversy of the 2015 Christmas

Who believe that spain has good animation professionals and it is neither necessary nor appropriate to go to another country. This controversy has been transformed, over the days, into a trending topic with the hashtag with tweets like this one, from a spanish animation studio. (more) repercussion in networks of the announcement of the christmas lottery 2015 on twitter , has positioned itself in first place in the trending topics that receive the most tweets on the social network at the moment. Not too far behind in this ranking is ludovico einaudi , the creator of the beautiful piano melody that accompanies the ad. The theme “Nuvole bianche” is being recognized on the net as a success.

Luxembourg Phone Number

The version that we hear in the ad is not entirely the original, but has been arranged by joan martorell, who recognizes that the melody evolves at the same time as the main character. As for the main message of the campaign, it has tried to touch the sensitive fiber of those who contemplate it , kindness, generosity, and the importance of the most human and supportive details. The campaign has entered with force in the social networks. The “el pilar” mannequin factory, from the advertisement, will have its own profile on facebook. In addition, the vigilante justino already has his own account on Instagram.

Repercussion in Networks of the Announcement

Therefore, objective of the campaign: to excite the main purpose. Of the 2015 christmas lottery announcement was to excite, and that has been. Just as it happened with the advertisement for the bar last year. The story of the characters who do not take any participation due to oversight. Or because their kindness and lack of ambition makes them more aware of those. Around them than buying a lottery, this story hooks , and people empathize with these characters. To create a magical atmosphere, the creators of the advertisement have looked. For environments of factories from the beginning of the century, to give it a magical and mysterious touch.

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