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Many challenges arise when creating content for a hosting company. Coping with legitimacy is top of the list but there are more. In collaboration with many Argentina Phone Number companies in the field. Of finance and ghost writing for the top investors ceo. Of finance on the pages of Forbes and business magazines else. I had a problem below I share the challenges marketers. Face when creating content for financial service brands. With a strong focus on written content and solutions to those challenges. But first let’s talk about what should direct your attention. When creating content in the finance industry Google’s YMYL and eat ideas. Understanding Google’s ymyleat content Argentina Phone Number guidelines on finance. Following the noise of censorship google has set an example. By creating its own algorithmic analysis of information it considers. Important relevant to the sector such as financial advice current.

The Reason Is Simple Argentina Phone Number

Negative financial consequences that can harm innocent people. The last thing Google wants for its brand is to present bad financial information that has a Argentina Phone Number negative impact on your money and your life. That’s why Google calls important content such as financial advice Your Money Your Life content. Google provides information on how to evaluate and evaluate YMYL content from its report How Google Fights Defamation. When the algorithm finds that a user query is related Argentina Phone Number to a YMYL topic we will give more importance to our ranking system for factors such as our understanding of their authority capability or the credibility of the pages we present in response. With that statement I want you to remember three important key words competence, authority and trust.

These Attributes Are Then Argentina Phone Number

Argentina Phone Number

EAT part of Google’s algorithm and placed in Google’s Search Quality Analyst Guide. Let’s explain from a content creator’s perspective. Expertise Is the author or Argentina Phone Number publisher an expert on the topic. Owner How powerful is the website and the author. It depends on more common factors such as backlinks social media page traffic etc. Reliable Is the source really reliable. For example is the source heavily trafficked and have you received a complaint. Unfortunately Google’s  Argentina Phone Numberalgorithm is not yet smart enough to understand the importance of financial advice so we have to consider indicators such as the author’s ability and authority to they are the content.

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