Creates a New Service to Earn Money

In recent years, a good number of online proposals have been appearing that allow users to earn some money from their computer or smartphone , by reading emails, downloading applications or answering surveys. However, among all of them, one in particular stands out, which was the first to use this format in spain and which now, 16 years later, continues to evolve and launch new proposals to earn money online. renews its website and its catalog of services. C launches the new “cashback” service the first community of users that offers incentives for receiving advertising and surveys via email, has renewed its website and expanded its services to adapt to the needs of the market and provide new services to its users.

The platform, which belongs to the spanish agency specialized in performance marketing ibrands ( viko group ), has just radically changed the image of its website, and is taking the opportunity to expand its business model with the implementation of a “Cashback” system , which will be available during the first quarter of the year . Cashback allows you to earn money by making online purchases of products or services from consupermiso advertisers, since the user receives a percentage of online Jamaica Phone Number in their account. In other words, will refund money to any user who makes a purchase on its website. This new option will be added to the current services to earn money for receiving advertising, among which compensation for reading emails, answering surveys.

Launches the New “cashback” Service

Registering in forms, clicking or downloading applications stand out. As jorge fernández, managing director of ibrands, tells us : «after a year of development, the new completely modified version of has finally seen the light, with the levels of quality and features that our large community of users it deserves. We hope that this will be the axis on which to base our growth in the coming years in spain and mexico, with new launches that will surprise our followers”. New challenges for in 2016 at the same time, throughout the first half of 2016, will launch a mobile version in order to bring its services even closer to users and allow them to carry out any action from their devices , be it requesting a subscription , view your balance, sign up for a campaign, buy, download applications or answer a survey.

Jamaica Phone Number

Since everything is based on hints, what the person who has been asked to send hints will receive will be the following (subtle and discreet): christmas hints worten – greeting card the person who has received the message, yes, will receive an alert as this page uses cookies and, when they innocently accept, they will be accepting to start receiving hints about the desired gift . The worten online banners that are displayed will be personalized showing the message that we have programmed from the previous web page. Io gets 7 million euros to boost its international expansion instagram removes hyperlapse and boomerang from app stores 49 spanish companies, among the fastest growing in europe according to the financial times the bwom app is available for android and ios in both english and spanish and is a freemium model.

New Challenges for in 2016

The app is free to download and includes the evaluation test, a free plan and a couple of test exercises for each plan. From there, the user must unlock her different plans by making micropayments that range from 0.99 to 3.99 euros. Once unlocked you can repeat and use them as many times as you want. It is an interesting value for money, especially if you take into account that the high prices of specialized physiotherapy sessions, and that the information that can be found in blogs or other apps is not personalized or structured by objectives.

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