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Recently, there is a very popular news on the Internet. It is said that Ms. Liu, who works in Xi’an, taught her father to play WeChat and added him as a friend. While communication was convenient, troubles also followed. Her father, who never only read and did not South Korea Phone Numbers comment, suddenly appeared in her ‘s circle of friends liked it, which made her feel “weird”. She called her father and said, “Dad, can you please stop giving me a thumbs up on WeChat?” Later, the reporter randomly investigated 60 citizens (40 children and 20 parents) on this issue, and found that 17 children added their parents as WeChat friends, but 14 of them blacklisted their parents.

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Among the 20 parents interviewed, 12 of them added their children as WeChat friends, but 11 of them could not see their children’s sharing in the Moments. Is the ratio high? In fact, the WeChat account that I often use has also blocked my parents. The reason is very simple. I South Korea Phone Numbers don’t want my parents to see the real state of my life! The so-called real state here is: when you are happy, you will be wild and eat hasai; when you are unhappy, you will be angry; when you are busy with work, you will feel that life is not easy, you will feel uncomfortable, and you will be full of complaints

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Burnt out! In short, they are afraid of anxiety or other bad thoughts that parents may have when they see that their real self is in a different image from what they see in their own eyes. The original intention is still based on the fact that one more thing is worse than one South Korea Phone Numbers less thing, let parents worry less about themselves, and live their own life well! Of course, the author also kept a hand, that is, I opened another WeChat account. That WeChat account did not block my parents and relatives. The content in it was basically happy content. The purpose was just to let them know my news, and after seeing the news Live your life in peace!

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