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When fans consume idols, they are by no means simply consuming the practicality of the product, they are also expressing themselves through consumption. Is Lao Luo selling his feelings? No, he sells our own feelings. By consuming Han Han and Lao Luo, consumers are actually expressing their position. Why do we take a stand? Because we’re Peru Mobile Number looking for like-minded people, that’s what social needs. Of course, the premise of this kind of self-expression consumption is that the practicability of this commodity is not too much of a problem. Practicality is the foundation, it is the entity to which self-expression is attached.

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This is like saying that the World Football Federation will not award a plastic Hercules Cup as a championship trophy, even if it is awarded by the World Football Federation, it must be a gold cup. By the way, some have criticized that consumers who don’t want self-expression and just want the utility of the product don’t buy personal brand items. I want to say, that’s right, I wasn’t going to sell it to them in the first place. 3. A clear stand, rejecting Peru Mobile Number the mean Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, where there are rivers and lakes, there are conflicts, and where there are conflicts, there are interest groups. In the political sphere, conflict manifests itself in the dissent of different political parties. In the realm of life, conflict manifests itself as support for different brands.

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What is a successful brand? It must be a brand that one group of people loves to death and another group hates. When we see that a brand is being scolded, in fact, these scolding people are actually helping the brand. Their attacks will arouse the  fighting spirit of the people who support the brand and defend their brand. Their psychological motivation is also quite easy to understand: “You say XX is a fool, right? If I support XX, then you call me a fool? If you call me a fool, I must fight back against you.” This kind of support struggle for brands is actually no different in nature from political partisan disputes, but it is more moderate.

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