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The market share seems to be less than 5%. Su Guangsheng is also skeptical about the future of Android. Later, he consulted Mr. Wang Hua from the innovation workshop. The unanimous judgment of the two excellent people gave him the backbone and resolutely transformed. The result is in a very short time. , has made extremely influential Georgia Mobile Number Android products one after another, and has been recognized and cooperated by giant companies. The company’s valuation has increased dozens of times in two years; competitors that were originally considered out of reach are now, Well, in an unreachable location in the back. Example 2: In 2004, I met Yu Jun for the first time and listened to him talk about search engines.

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He said that search engines are a revolution that has changed the ability of human beings to acquire knowledge, parallel to papermaking and movable type printing. Over the years, I have been reflecting on why so many companies have made search engines, but only Baidu stands out, because many people, including many giants we know well, including Georgia Mobile Number Zhou Hongyi and Zhang Chaoyang at that time, just regard search engines as a tool, a kind of Profit means, a model; only people with enough vision will realize how huge and far-reaching the impact and change brought by search engines are! In 2004, who would believe that a search engine company could subvert The portal that is in full swing, in fact, in 2001, Yu Jun had already foreseen it.

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Facts have proved that his vision has made Baidu and himself. Fifth, free is the most expensive This is really with Chinese characteristics. It seems that Shi Yuzhu said it first? Not sure, but Shi Yuzhu is definitely a typical representative. The giant group’s games are not only free to play, but also pay players wages? Traditional game players will find it Georgia Mobile Number incredible, but in the end, the yield is surprisingly high. This model has become the golden rule in Chinese gaming. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a paid download all over the world, only China is a free download, but, only in the Chinese market, paid items are the most expensive! This is also an example of localization.

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