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Although google is the most used search engine in the world. In some countries there are major local search engines that are very popular. By ignoring these search engines you are ignoring the huge business opportunities in these countries. If your target country is one of the below you need. To think more about monitoring local sites and doing. Additional optimization work of course, even in the most popular. Countries with google ignoring other popular search engines. Including Bing limits the chances of your business. Your global website should not be copied and pasted on your country’s. Website in different languages ​​although. I have found this to happen with many websites. Yes, one of the first steps is translating and uploading website content. But then, you need to optimize the website for each local audience from the delivery of messages.

Services to the User Experience of the Website

Websites with popular and effective content in the U.S. Market may not do so in Asia or south America and may require additional. Content editing and optimization work. For these reasons it is important to conduct. Keyword research in each target country from the point of view. Of understanding the local interests and the words they use. Keep in mind that even if a translator or a Shandong Mobile Phone Number List translation. Agency provides a properly translated document they may not use. The same words that people use to search for information. Do I need to build links for each site. Even if you have a global site with websites. Of all countries or languages ​​in the same domain. You still want to build links to each site even. If you already have multiple links. Pointing to the existing domain you are even yours.

This Is Because Your Country’s Website May

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Have links from external websites that are only in their country of origin. In order for your website to be globally competitive in each. Country you need links from specific countries to the site. For example you want to get links from websites in India or target India to your Indian website. Having links from local websites is a good sign to search. Engines that your website is designed and relevant to that country. What else should I consider before I travel the world. One of the biggest challenges faced by most. Companies with a global website and even fortune. 100 multinational companies is local resources.

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