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Email is one of the most wide forms of communication on the web today. And also the most important. People value their email inbox much more than their Facebook or Twitter inbox. Why? Because e-mail is personal and will remain so.Yet many small business owners find email marketing to be an outdated or old-fashioned method. Social media is the T-shirt Design new cool kid on the block and monopolizes all the attention. Which makes traditional email feel like the medium with a smaller reach.However, the fact is that social media has not replaced email. Not at all. Although social media marketing has its own place. It has yet to catch up with email in terms of marketing power.

There Is Still a Long Way to Go T-shirt Design

There is still a long way to go. All major social networks know this and understand the importance of email. Don’t take our word for it, try signing up on Facebook or Twitter without an email address. You can not. Because even social networking sites know the importance of email.Email marketing is here to stay. The sooner small businesses realize this, the T-shirt Design better the results of their online marketing will be.why email marketing Building email lists has always been a hot topic in online marketing circles. Mainly because small business owners can get a high return on investment by leveraging their email contact list. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing can provide your business with a whopping 4300% return on investment.

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That’s a Number That Social Media Marketing T-shirt Design

That’s a number that social media marketing hasn’t even come close to.Still not convinced? Here are some stats to make you an “email savvy”: Over 65% from the United States. Internet users (online consumers) bought something after receiving promotional emails.91% of online consumers visit their inbox daily.72% of mobile purchases were driven by marketing emails. Compared to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, email marketing campaigns generate a 50-100% higher click-through rate.47% of internet users prefer to be communicated about products/services by email.

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