Emma Launches a Manual

Taking into account the unstoppable growth of mobile use in (almost). Any moment of our daily routine, it seems quite logical that more and more companies. Will stretch their creative muscles to the extreme to ensure that their applications. Reach the largest possible number of users. A true demonstration of marketing power that has one of its favorite tricks in the social app install ads. Those small ads that promote the installation of applications within powerful social networks such as Facebook, instagram or twitter. Perhaps for this reason, the spanish company. Specialized in mobile intelligence emma has launched a manual designed. To give you the keys so that your social app install ads campaigns achieve the best results.

Let’s see some of the tips that are collected in it. Segmentation, the first step to optimize your social app install ads the first piece of advice from the emma team is to carry out an adequate segmentation of the target audience to which the campaign will be directed. And it is that the very fact of launching a campaign to a mobile user base offers a quantity of information about parameters such as device type, demographic profile, lifestyle or browsing history that is, directly, ground gold . Time to Algeria Phone Number List segment . The idea? Create the right ad for the right customer. The perfect advertisement (I): the text the text or copy is a fundamental element when it comes to optimizing social app install ads: without good text, an ad loses relevance, hook and can even cause a bad feeling in those who see it.

The First Step to Optimize

Among the main tips when writing good text for this type of ad is something as sensible as starting the ad by asking a question or a problem. Next, the ad should briefly describe how the app fixes it. This direct and close message usually captures the interest of the core target the perfect advertisement (ii): the image if a good text is basic, getting a great image is no less. It is essential to select different groups of images depending on the target by gender, age, hobbies, etc. Images with too many details or very heavy should not be either. In this way, a better adaptation to any screen size will be. And remember: the image must show the app and its benefits. The perfect advertisement (iii): the call to action actually, once the goal of capturing the user’s attention has been achieved.

Algeria Phone Number List

And it is that, although the ctas offered by facebook_instagram and twitter are limited. This does not prevent another call to action from being in the message. Or image itself that reinforces them. There is life beyond the ‘install’ button and you need to explore it. Although it seems impossible, it is estimated that every day there are 3.2 billion interactions on facebook. 500 million tweets and 70 million photos are published on instagram. Given this perspective, which against all odds is still strong. It is undeniable that, if you want to reach a considerable mobile audience. Sooner or later you have to knock on the door of these social networks. Even so, with all the existing competition.

The Perfect Advertisement

It is not enough to launch a facebook page or periodically publish tweets announcing the latest news about your app. It is necessary to take a step (or two, since we are going) further. This is where the use of these social networks comes in as advertising platforms with which to search for the download of your app.Taking advantage of all the creative and segmentation options that they present». ( luis florit , cbdo at emma). If, for example, a user is visiting an article about seo , they receive a message that says “ you who like seo and want to be of all the news…. ” it will always attract more attention and you will be to leave your data sooner than if it is a generic message without much detail. Segmentation is also important in generating leads!

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