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Finally, we arrive at fabricated content . This is information that is 100% fake and is deliberately used with the evil intent to mislead people. This is the realm of hardcore war propaganda, scams and dangerous conspiracy theories. The article about Jort Kelder on the fake Telegraaf website is also an example of this. Screenshot of the Jensen Show as an example of fake news The Jensen show is an example of fabricated Ghana Phone Number content Another example is Robert Jensen’s podcast (“The Jensen Show – The Real Sound”). Each episode, Jensen unleashes an international conspiracy by a Jewish, satanist, pedophile elite who rule the world and want to keep the citizenry stupid. It may sound too bizarre for words. Yet there are people who are so absorbed in doom-mongering, who have so little faith in Ghana Phone Number politics, and who receive such a limited selection of news, that they actually believe this. They are in a myth trap, as Arjen Lubach would say .

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And once you’re in it, it’s hard to get out. Marketing in a world Ghana Phone Number of fake news You see: the different types of fake news vary widely. An April Fools’ joke by the Hema is really different from an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory by Robert Jensen. Yet both can be called fake news. Recognizing the different types of misleading information is a first step in dealing better with fake news. But what else can you – as a marketer, content creator, advertiser or communication professional – do in a world where fake news has won? A few tips: Be open and Ghana Phone Number honest about where you get your information from. This starts, for example, with a good reference in your content.

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Correct yourself if you accidentally spread fake news. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. Don’t sweep that under the rug, but be honest about your mistake and tell how Ghana Phone Number you’ve improved. Try to develop your own media literacy, that of your colleagues and that of your target group. Learn how (new) media work and how they can be used to spread fake news. Always count to ten before responding to new information , such as news in your industry. Can the information be trusted? Do you have to respond at all? And if so: how? Speak out Ghana Phone Number against incorrect information (about your brand or organization). The best weapon against incorrect information is correct information. But don’t argue with trolls. Trolls continuously spread fake news to cause chaos and damage. You cannot enter into a conversation with these people (or bots!). You can only report it.

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