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For facebook , ads within the social network remain part of its core business. But there are also those that expand across other latitudes of the web (ie outside the social network). Do you know facebook audience network? Advertising on facebook, off facebook facebook audience. Network allows you to do exactly that: get your ads to appear in other. Apps -outside the social network itself-, using the settings and possibilities. Of the tool to show ads in 3 formats or varieties – as a banner. Interstitial or with a native format designed to fit the promotional display in other apps. Facebook audience network will include support for the mobile web today. Zuckerberg ‘s company has announced that facebook audience network will expand its. Support to the mobile web, an action that will undoubtedly open the platform and its ads to new possibilities.

This action will allow facebook to elevate advertising capabilities for the more than 2.5 million facebook advertisers , but now through everything the mobile web has to offer; and as we well know, today mobile navigation and interaction is higher than ever. It is precisely through a blog post that facebook details how the facebook audience network has grown in terms of investment in the platform: “since october 2014, the facebook audience network has delivered real value for users, advertisers Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List advertisers. We recently shared that in the last quarter of 2015 we reached a total of $1 billion spent on ads across the audience network.” the value of ads on facebook audience network in addition to being much more customizable , one of the biggest values ​​of ads served through the facebook audience network is that they are much less intrusive to users.

Advertising on Facebook, Off Facebook

As if that were not enough, it handles the same configuration parameters. As traditional facebook ads, allowing audiences to be segmented according to demographic information. If you manage to use this tool in conjunction with others from the zuckerberg network. Such as conversion lift , the possibilities can be endless (in this you can carry out studies on whether. The campaigns really obtained a good performance in online and offline sales, as well as other type of conversions). For now, facebook audience network for mobile web is in beta. But any interested company or organization can subscribe within the main page of the tool to request to join.I n other words, whatsapp intends (and will probably succeed). In definitively burying the ancient sms.

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We know nothing new about instagram, the other great social network owned by facebook. But it is not surprising that it follows a path similar to that of whatsapp. With the addition of the possibility that the application “Recognizes” some. Element of the photo (in the style of google goggles) and used for advertising purposes. I don’t think it will take long to see some kind of instagram service. So that companies can show the photos that their customers take on their websites, probably in real time. Some starbucks exec must have to run out for a cold shower every time he thinks about it. What is clear is that somehow it will have to be monetized and made to contribute to facebook’s profits.

The Value of Ads on Facebook Audience Network

In addition, facebook itself seems to want to give a boost to the failed fcommerce (those stores integrated into facebook that never worked) and in spain it has signed an agreement with imaginbank , la caixa’s new 100% mobile bank so that its customers can some banking operations without leaving the social network. Of course, if anyone has the potential to revolutionize ecommerce (again), it’s facebook. But all this is just speculation. Some founded, others not. What is certain is that the benefits of facebook will not stop growing, because it has a very well paid field for it. And that is due neither to luck nor to the ability to attract investment, but to exceptionally good business management.

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