Facebook for Companies: Zuckerberg’s Weapon Against Google

Being present on facebook has become almost mandatory for any company in any field. In the last 4 years, the boom in facebook pages for companies has meant that from the corner hairdresser to the big fashion chains, everyone is present on facebook, whether they have an ecommerce store or not. It is obvious that mark zuckerberg ‘s social network was not going to ignore this. In fact, facebook’s strategy for companies has been evolving as the number of companies present in it has been increasing geometrically. However, facebook ‘s strategy for companies has not been parallel to that of individuals. While they enjoy more and more new free services, in the case of companies the evolution has been just the opposite: restricting free services and redirecting them to paid models. This is logical and normal.

Facebook has opted for advertising as the main model of income generation, and in this it has learned from those who know how to do it best: google. The strategy in both cases has a common objective: to force companies to pay if they want to obtain diffusion. Google does this by continually changing its very long and super -secret algorithm. Of course, it leaves some clues so that positioning using seo techniques is not impossible, and in part it does so because it suits you. Google knows that seo is the UK Phone Number List that whets the appetite of companies for more visits. He is interested in seo, although it is becoming more difficult, to continue working, as it is the gateway for new clients. No company gets into sem campaigns in adwords without first trying to position themselves through SEO.

Facebook for Business: Many Sticks

This is the appetizer, while adwords is the main course . In fact, it is normal for seo and sem to go hand in hand in any company’s online strategy. In most companies, except for large or highly specialized ones, it is common for both techniques to be the responsibility of the same person. Facebook for business: many sticks, few carrots facebook’s strategy for businesses pursues targets and uses tactics similar to google’s, only facebook can afford to be heavier by using the privacy of its users as the perfect excuse to restrict a company’s ability to act. The evolution so far has been more or less the following: a) ban company profiles and force them all to turn their profile into a page. This severely limits your ability to take the lead or directly target your page followers.



A page has no friends, only followers who have clicked “like”. Therefore, a page cannot interact with its followers if they do not do so first. Only interaction between pages is allowed. B) put obstacles to the invitations to “like” your page, restricting it to the friends of the administrators. It is also true that there have been many abuses in this regard, such as making massive friend requests for the sole purpose of promoting a page. C) pages have been quietly hiding features from view , such as post scheduling. Or the use of the function “use facebook as…” d) the specific app to manage facebook pages from mobile (pages manager) is simply horrible. It lacks many of the features of the desktop version (something that is not so evident with the general facebook app).

The Future of Facebook for Businesses

These and many other details join the continuous development and improvement. Of both the advertising formats of facebook for companies and the way of managing advertising. The recent introduction of canvas is a good example of this. The future of facebook for businesses where is facebook going? Will it charge companies for being present? I honestly don’t think so. It would be a huge stick for small local. Businesses that use facebook to stay in touch with the community around them. What is clear is that facebook is going to evolve the advertising. Possibilities much more quickly than the pages, in which i am afraid that we will. Continue to see changes aimed at making it difficult to manage instead of facilitating it.

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