Facebook Instant Articles Change Their Advertising Policy

Every action needs an incentive, and facebook knows it well . One of its most recent products, instant articles , lives precisely from this dynamic: agile and easy-to-consume content, but generated through third parties. In that reckoning, those of zuckerberg are still making modifications, tests and changes to facebook’s instant articles specifically in their advertising policies. The new rules in facebook instant articles facebook instant articles are a form of informative content on facebook, in which the news or articles are hosted directly on the social network. Activated for months now, instant articles are intended to be a catalyst to avoid wasted time from clicking a link until it loads on mobile.

Of course, this action and style of content consumption is part of the ” pervasive plan” to not have to leave facebook even for a moment . With that goal in mind, facebook initially decided that it would award a percentage of between 70 and 100% of the Morocco Phone Number obtained from ads hosted on instant articles to the media that own them. However, the very strict policies of facebook had an impact on the achievement of these goals. After some complaints , facebook had to expand the number of ads it had previously allowed in articles.

The New Rules in Facebook Instant Articles

These complaints came from the media, who argued that the policies. Were excessively restrictive and ultimately generated few dividends based on the content published. Looking for the biggest piece of the pie advertisers will now be able to use. A “Related articles” section at the bottom of news feeds to recommend content from their own sites. For example, until now facebook established that between every two. Advertisements published in an instant articles article. There must be a separation of at least 500 words ; this parameter has been reduced to 350 words.

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The reason is quite simple: the creators of this content have as a parameter. The separation of 500 words – if facebook did not offer something better. There was no point in advertising on the social network. Another of the adjustments that have had to. Be in facebook’s instant articles is to the sale of spaces. Until now, those who published their content via instant articles. Could not independently sell that space to third parties, despite hosting their articles on the platform. That changes from now on, eliminating that policy completely.

Looking for the Biggest Piece of the Pie

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