Facebook Launches Canvas, a New Interactive Advertising Format

Still don’t know canvas? Facebook has just released a new advertising format ideal for ecommerce that will also improve the user experience. If you still don’t know him, keep reading because I’m sure you’ll be interested. What is facebook canvas the new format of facebook, canvas , is focused on mobile devices and tablets and arises to respond to the difficulty of navigation (both due to loading time and usability ) with which the user often finds himself when accessing to an e-commerce. With canvas you will have an ideal personalized microsite to show your clients with the advantage that it loads much faster. In it you can show your customers exactly what you want them to see on your site. Rubén bastón explains it to you in this video. How canvas works what news does canvas offer?

Something as attractive as finding text, image, video and links to access your external website in the same format . Can you ask for more? Once you have clicked on the ad, the most attractive products are displayed on your mobile, as well as the most exclusive offers to click on. One more demonstration that advertising seeks more interaction with the user every day . What advantages does canvas have over other ads? Apart from the fact that they are much more attractive and innovative than USA Phone Number List normal ads, they can show a summary of your site in a shorter loading time , which will considerably reduce the bounce rate . This type of ad is as easy for the advertiser to create as it is for the user to interact with it, and what is clear is that advertising formats on the internet are going to burn out soon.

What Is Facebook Canvas

According to early tests of canvas ads, 53% of users who opened canvas saw at least half of the content. And the average ad view was 31 seconds . A new facebook tool at no additional cost brands can create their canvas ads with a simple tool. Which does not need any code or programming skills: everything is basically ready to make life. Easier for the advertiser, only needing to add images, gifs, videos or any other ingredients. Who have recently decided to bet on this marketing technique to strengthen their business model hand. In hand with renowned technology companies such as hubspot. And salesforce marketing cloud through the management and implementation of its solutions both in spain and internationally. Specifically in mexico, where it has its own office .

USA Phone Number List

From the company they point out that more and more companies demand more results and for this to apply marketing automation tools is essential . In this way, the communications they make around their activity are more precise, which leads to more conversions. For rubén bastón, inbound marketing director of elogia, “applying this type of technique allows you to consolidate web positioning and social media strategies with business metrics converted into registrations and sales. Elogia has signed a partnership agreement with hubspot, a world technology leader in attraction marketing tools, to complement seo and social media services. Bastón comments that “working with marketing automation helps to integrate the entire content generation strategy in one place, both on the company’s website and on social networks .”

How Canvas Works

This also contributes to the generation of registrations and their enrichment. Until they become customers, providing marketing automation in emailings. And closing the sales funnel in a single channel. The director of inbound marketing at elogia. Adds that working with a single channel, when they used to do it with five different tools before. Will allow them to increase turnover in this business area by 30%. For his part, ramon montanera. Market intelligence director of elogia, explains: “to be able to communicate with the records. In our databases, we must be able to do so at the best time and through the best channel: email, mobile, web content or networks. Social”. Related posts elogia closes 2021 improving its profit by 51% with the focus on attracting talent what is a crm and what is it for?

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