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Facebook’s messenger service is integrating another star app into its services – now, through it you can share what you’re listening to: spotify . Listen to spotify from facebook messenger within the “ more ” option on the facebook messenger chat screen, you will now be able to find a “ spotify ” option. When selected, the spotify app will be activated so that you “find something to share”. You’ll be able to select a song, playlist or artist, and then send it to the user you’re chatting with (and yes, that’s cool, because you even share the artist or album cover photo). And when your friend taps the sent “spotify link”, it will take them back to spotify . To give an example, those of messenger have created a playlist so that you know what they have been listening to (let’s see if you like them).

This is what spotify sharing looks like from facebook messenger this is what spotify sharing looks like from facebook messenger this function corresponds to the more than constant occasions where you can be writing to your favorite uncle and they are arguing about which was the best iron maiden song. Here you can simply enter the spotify option and search for the number of the beast Belgium Phone Number List it will be shared directly on messenger. And although spotify already has its own system for sharing content (to send via email, sms or whatsapp), this new option comes in handy in a messaging system that has more than 800 million users , where placing the song “directly on the tray» of the one -or that- with whom we are chatting makes one really not forget to listen to the song.

Listen to Spotify From Facebook

At the moment (and as always) this new option begins to be available in the us. But it will gradually make its way to the rest of the world. Facebook messenger, integrator of experiences. Messenger is one of facebook’s most popular products, with more than 800 million monthly active users . It is natural that over time it has been adding new options not only related. To messaging but also with other third-party application options. In this sense, in recent times facebook has included many new options. From not needing an account to use it , the display of your public information or. As we already mentioned, the possibility of requesting an uber from the same app (this is only in some parts of the us at the moment).

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What did you think of the announcement of this new option in facebook messenger? Share the link to a song from spotify to tell us how you feel about this news.i do not rule out that facebook pages. For companies are separated from general fanpages to be a category of their own with different functionalities. In the end, we will go to a model like google’s with seo. Facebook will “consent” small things to companies to encourage them to gain position and buy advertising. Facebook is not going to roll out the red carpet for companies that. Are unwilling or unable to spend on advertising. Perhaps we have gotten used to seeing facebook as a large public square. Forgetting that it is a private company whose main objective is to make money (and it does). What is the carrot?

Facebook Messenger, Integrator

Well , the facebook advertising system for companies works better and better. Both in customization options and different possibilities and, above all, in results. Where facebook ads can look like you to google ads. In fact, they offer better rois in many cases . And they have enormous growth potential. However, be very careful: facebook wants the protagonists of advertising to be the content, not the pages. It is a clear strategy to become the main intermediary between the user and the web, competing directly. With google for being the gateway to the internet. Most of its new advertising formats are designed. To highlight specific content (including products, offers and promotions) and even for you to buy from facebook itself. In other words: fcommerce strikes again , and this time with much better weapons.

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