Facebook Services: a Search Engine in the Social Network

Facebook is secretly testing a new feature, called facebook services for now, that will lead users to find the best vendors and merchants in a given area. What are facebook services through the social network has compiled a searchable directory of professional service providers, such as contractors, plumbers, doctors, body shops, decorators and much more. What’s interesting about this whole facebook services thing is that facebook ‘s efforts expand beyond local professionals to include other types of businesses. As of today, the site itself has a simple design , with a search box for the category of businesses you’re looking to find.

Also, when navigating, it adjusts to your current location, showing you a photo of the city in question in the background. For now, the site is only available in a desktop version , although we could say that facebook already offers a solution of this type for mobile through the “ nearby places ” function, at the end of the navigation in the mobile application. What information does facebook services offer? After you perform a search, the Macedonia Phone Number of the business or service provider will be delivered to you thanks to the data that facebook already has of all the existing business pages, including the details of general description, mobile, hours of operation, location, reviews.

What Are Facebook Services

And overall score. The search results page in facebook services also shows. A map with business locations, which means that facebook could potentially “ gain ground ” on google. At least in the aspect of finding nearby businesses or services for the user. All this could mean that facebook is using other data of the user who is exploring. Such as knowing when he visited a page, rated a business. Liked the page or had friends who liked it, among others. Contrary to what often happens, facebook services are not limited. To the us from the beginning, since there are already results available for asia, europe and other regions.

Macedonia Phone Number

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What Information Does Facebook Services Offer?

The vision that has spread in social networks is not whether rajoy won. But rather that the real winners of the face-to-face debate were the absent ones.  The repetition of scenery and moderator, in an unattractive environment and more typical of other times. Did not help at all, but rather reinforced the image that was already being prefigured by the new parties. Agustin castellated December 14, 2015 my summary of the debate is this image from. December 14, 2015 both rajoy and sánchez fell into the trap that Podemos. Ciudadanos and iu-up had set for them. Given that the bombardment of messages. Throughout the day warning that it was going to be an “Old”, “Old” and “Old political” debate.

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