Facebook Sports Stadium Is Born

We might think that facebook was not initially conceived for sports . In fact, its filtered newsfeed without chronology has made it difficult to follow real-time conversations about any game or competition. Perhaps for this reason, mark zuckerberg ‘s company has decided to launch facebook sports stadium. The sports social transmission, the bet of facebook among the millions and millions of facebook users around the world there are many supporters of some kind of sport. For this reason, facebook has developed its newest feature : facebook sports stadium. Facebook sports stadium you will be able to follow the scores and progress of sports matches and competitions, see the latest news about them, read comments from other users (including personalities, athletes and critics)…

In other words, it is the official ‘home’ of facebook for everything related to sports. In principle, facebook sports stadium will begin to be distributed in the us as an app for ios with content and monitoring of american football games (those organized by the nfl ); however, facebook states that it will analyze expanding the possibilities of the app to other countries and other sports (such as basketball, baseball, soccer, ice hockey, among others). This is what facebook sports stadium would look like Chile Phone Number a mobile this is what facebook sports stadium would look like inside a mobile one of the best examples to understand the creation of facebook sports stadium is, according to facebook.

The Sports Social Transmission

The flow and line of comments that occurred around one of the most striking. Events with media coverage in the world: the superbowl . Facebook sports stadium, an advertising opportunity for zuckerberg according to the social network. “Each user interacted around the event as if they were in a bar full of people. And noise where they could only talk as if they were the only ones watching the game”. Precisely, this new function seeks to channel all the content to a single point. And make users feel as if they were really in a stadium. Of course, if facebook manages to make facebook sports stadium. A favorite option for the ” social transmission ” of sporting events. The profit obtained with sponsors and brands may also grow.

Chile Phone Number

Matching the advertising that occurs in the transmission of the matches. Of the liga bbva in our country (just to give an example). Related posts jedi blue: what is the secret agreement between google. And facebook investigated by the eu top: the most followed influencers. On social networks in the world (2022) facebook launches reels globally. And introduces new tools for its creators in this way. Facebook will look for this new function to be the evolution of hashtags and trending topics in the sports environment . Even facebook sports stadium could -potentially- become a hub for streaming broadcasts. Of chroniclers around a game or give way to post-game press conferences, among others.

Facebook Sports Stadium

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