First View, a New Type of Twitter Ads in Video Format

Despite the bad image and the constant changes that twitter is facing recently, its plans have not stopped completely . The micro-blogging social network company is adding a new form of twitter ads in video format , where the most important factor is the “Pace” of the advertising message. First view arrives. Get to know first view, the new type of advertisement on twitter this new twitter ad format is called first view , according to a blog post from the company . As the name implies, the ad leads to the advertiser account being displayed first and foremost in the users’ twitter feed for a 24-hour period ; the ad will be accompanied by a video , promoting user interaction. This is an example of what a twitter ad would look like in first view mode: glimpse of first view.

A new modality in twitter ads glimpse of first view, a new modality in twitter ads first view twitter ads will begin to be available for accounts in the us and some accounts outside of the country specifically selected by the social network. Prices and payment methods have not yet been published. According to official publications from twitter, the main target of this new type of twitter ads Spain Phone Number List be companies in the entertainment industry, such as netflix or century fox . More and better twitter ad formats, a must in 2016 the fact that first view gives advertisers a “Special position” at the top of feeds points to twitter’s interest in developing more products and paid options around its main line of revenue generation.

Get to Know First View

As it did with the ads in survey with hashtags included or with the amplify video program . The latter is nothing new: twitter knows very well that it must activate its. Advertising business in different ways (and in any way possible). The company is about to announce the results of the fourth quarter of 2015 (and in itself, its annual results). But its constant fall in the stock market is the sign of how several investors. Are hesitating to bet on the company in this 2016, in addition to a recent abandonment. Of many of the company’s top and middle managers, which denotes strong internal instability. What are you saying? Would you invest a few euros in this new form of twitter ads? Share your opinion.

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4- selva orejón: the dark side of the digital force selva orejón was the next speaker. She titled her talk as: “ do you know the dark side of the digital force? Dangers and risks in digital security that affect your management on the internet» . I have to admit that it was a full-fledged lesson and it was an opportunity to reflect on our internet habits and realize the risk we run with certain actions and how important prevention is. The speaker gave us several examples of actions that we carry out on a daily basis that facilitate cyber attacks. We are not unpunished for these. Orejón told us that the cost of cybercrimes during 2015 reached 1 billion dollars . He assures that it could triple in the year 2020 if the defense is not strengthened and users are educated.

More and Better Twitter Ad Formats

5- pedro rojas: snapchat and growth hacking marketing before the break. Pedro rojas made his speech in which he spoke about two tools that, as he said. You will have to know thoroughly and use in 2016: snapchat and growth hacking marketing. The first part was based on explaining how companies could incorporate Snapchat. Into their digital strategy to connect with young people who are the type of user that predominates. In the use of this application and in the second part he told us about the fashion digital strategy. Growth hacking marketing , then explaining what it consisted of. And how it could benefit the companies and agencies that work with it.

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