Five Million People Use Facebook’s “I’m Fine” Button in Paris

Emergency situations are always, but when it comes to an extreme. Situation like the one that happened in paris last friday. Communicating with your friends and family to tell them that you are well becomes an urgent necessity. And it is precisely at this time that mobile phones tend to fail the most. The networks are not for millions of people trying to make phone calls simultaneously. Which often causes crashes that make communication impossible. In cases of terrorist attacks, it is also common for the authorities. To shut down mobile networks if they suspect that they can be to detonate bombs remotely. Something that already happened in the madrid train attacks in 2004.

It is in these exceptional cases that the I’m ok button on facebook (safety check up) is activated . Rubén baston tells you about it in this video. When there is a natural disaster, an accident or a terrorist attack in which many people may be in danger, everyone wants to communicate with them, which adds even more overload to the telephone networks. However, internet networks and wi-fi connections can continue to function if the infrastructure Ukraine Phone Number not been affected. Facebook’s I’m fine button is a useful and quick response to this need, since it allows several things at the same time: a person can communicate their status using the I’m ok button on facebook and all their friends will see it.

Facebook’s I’m Fine Button Activates

Anyone who has friends in the disaster area will get a notification every time one of them uses the I’m ok button on facebook. If one person is unable to connect, someone else can use the I’m ok button on facebook to let that person’s offline friends know their status. Facebook’s I’m fine button activates only when they decide it in other words, it is not a permanent functionality of the social network. Until now, the I’m fine button on facebook had only been in natural disasters . It was in october 2014, and facebook itself explained that the idea had its origin in the communication needs that arose after the great earthquake and subsequent tsunami in japan in 2011.

Ukraine Phone Number

Its official premiere was in the earthquake that occurred in nepal in april of this same year, AAnd has since been in other earthquakes and natural disasters. The button I’m fine on facebook uses geolocation to identify users of the social network who are within the affected area. These users receive a notification offering them the option to use it. It is the first time that facebook activates this tool in a terrorist attack situation. This has not been without criticism, since many people criticize facebook for not having done the same in the beirut attack that occurred the day before the paris attack, or in other terrorist attacks in middle eastern countries.

Criticize Facebook for Not Having Done

The strong media impact and the fact that it took place in one of the most. Important capitals of the western world may have weighed on this decision. The fact is that five million parisians and visitors used the I’m fine button on facebook. And many more were able to hear from their friends or loved. Ones through notifications (I have several friends in paris and I was able to hear from them through facebook). Simultaneously, facebook has activated the possibility. Which was already when the supreme court of the united states approved homosexual marriage. Of superimposing the colors of the french flag on your profile image. As a sign of solidarity with the victims and with the french people.

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