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Author James Clear uses behavioral science to study ways in which people can develop habits and improve their health. His guide article “Transform Your Habits” has been downloaded more than 80,000 times. We often hear advice to “think positive,” and most of us also know that positive thinking is more powerful than negative thinking. But the term “positive thinking” always feels a Canada Mobile Number bit “fake”. We are always more sensitive to some other words like “hard work” and “perseverance” etc. However, we must understand what “positive thinking” is. Positive thinking can affect our work, health and life. This way of thinking is being studied and explored by many researchers, such as Barbar Fredrickson. Fredrickson, a psychology researcher at the University of North Carolina, published a paper showing that in addition to making us happier, positive thinking allows us to learn new skills.

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Her paper has been cited by many researchers and can even be used to guide our daily lives. Let’s take a look at Fredrickson’s research and explore what this paper means for us. How negative thoughts affect your brain To understand how positive thinking works for us, we must first understand how negative thoughts affect us. Suppose you are walking in the woods and suddenly a tiger Canada Mobile Number is in front of you. When this happens, your brain immediately generates a negative emotion – in the case of seeing a tiger, fear. Researchers have long discovered that negative emotions cause people to act in certain ways. For example, when you see a tiger, you turn around and run away. Everything else in the world instantly becomes irrelevant. Your focus is entirely on the tiger, the fear it brings, and how to get out of the tiger’s mouth. In other words, negativity restricts your thinking and allows you to focus entirely on what’s causing the negativity.

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When you see a tiger, you actually have many other options, such as climbing a big tree, or picking up a stick to defend yourself, but your brain automatically blocks these options, because there is a tiger in front of you, you The fear reached its peak, and all he could think of Canada Mobile Number was running away. Of course, this instinct is very useful when trying to save his life, after all, not everyone can be as brave as Wu Song. But in contemporary society, it is clear that the chance of encountering a tiger on the road is almost zero. But our brains still instinctively generate negative emotions when faced with difficulties, making you choose to escape, and making you ignore other options.

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