Free Touring, a New App to Get to Know Your City

The world of tourism is an inexhaustible source of technological innovations. That seek to personalize the tourist’s visit to a certain destination and make. The trip much more comfortable. In guided tours , tourists find high prices and routes. That do not always meet their expectations, apps and smartphones arrive to solve these problems. In this context free touring arises , a free mobile app that puts tourists and guides in contact , without other intermediaries. Free touring, an app that takes its first steps the free touring. App has been by two spanish entrepreneurs, eu román and laura yvañez. This is a project that has been awarded in the last edition of startup4cities. At the smart cities expo world congress 2015. The app was on february 3 and in just two weeks it has already exceeded 500 downloads.

In free touring, some 30 guides are already available offering and developing very varied visits and tours: historical, retiro park, lavapiés, photography, mythological, etc. At the moment the app is only available in madrid and for download on android in google play , but the company’s forecasts include establishing itself in more cities in spain and abroad. What is a free tour a ” freetour ” is a guided tour offered by a guide in exchange for the amount of money that each tourist considers once the route is over. Free touring offers a catalog of tours based on a system of ratings and scores issued by Russia Phone Number List themselves. Through this system, each tourist who visits the app can find out what type of tour they are going to take and if the contents and the theme of the tour are adapted to what they are looking for.

What Is a Free Tour

How free touring works the operation of the app is very simple: tourists look for the free tour that best suits their interests and needs : city, day, time, language, itinerary, etc. You sign up for the freetour for free and participate in it. At the end, rate the guide and the freetour. A tour guide can post their freetours and wait for tourists to sign up. When the time comes, he carries out the free tour and receives the tips that the tourists consider. The same goes for the reviews received through the app. Both professional guides and tourism lovers who know their city and wish to share their secrets and knowledge with other visitors can participate in free touring. Even our organisms through microchips . There are already some pioneers in the united states who carry them (rfid microchip). They are watched in such a way that big brother is left in its infancy in the face of such an invasion of privacy.

Russia Phone Number List

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How Free Touring Works

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