From Foldable Phones to Virtual Reality

Today closes the 11th edition of the mwc, the largest trade fair for mobile devices . An event that has been marked by the barcelona metro strike, which has caused collapses in the fira de gran vía, especially during peak entry and exit times. This has not prevented the mobile world congress 2016 from breaking its record of attendees, exceeding the 95,000 that the organization expected , all of this while awaiting the official results. In general terms, the mobile world congress has been less mobile , since elements such as the automobile, robotics and virtual reality have gained more prominence than ever, accompanying the presence of star guests, such as the founder of facebook, mark zuckerberg . In addition, the brands have gone to great lengths trying to offer their best face, with spaces as well cared for and attractive as those of huawei, google or nokia.

Mobile world congress 2016 the 5 phones of the mobile world congress 2016 lg presented on the first day its high-end phone, the lg g5, a modular phone with a renewed design. Its aluminum body with a removable module allows for easy battery replacement. The user can place different accessories that allow the mobile to be transformed into a high-end camera or a video player thanks Denmark Phone Number List to this slot called magic slot . Three cameras, a new button layout and a power button with a fingerprint detector are other innovations of this new model. Samsung has also presented its new terminal, the s7 edge, a mobile that is reminiscent of the previous model in design but hides a powerful processor and an improved camera.

The 5 Phones of the Mobile World Congress 2016

Sony has presented its new xperia x family, consisting of three terminals that follow. The same design line but encompass three different ranges. The most advanced, the xperiax performance. Stands out for its battery that reaches two days of use thanks to its stamina mode. For its part, the spanish manufacturer bq has presented an improved version of its aquarius x5. The aquarius x5 plus with improved hardware : more power and a better camera that. Seeks to be the alternative to the most advanced smartphone models. Although without a doubt the surprise has been given by the chinese xiaomi. Launching its mi5 , a terminal with features similar to those of a galaxy s7. Or an iphone 6s but for half the price, about 300 euros.

Denmark Phone Number List

Speed ​​through 4g + technology, voice calls via lte networks, fingerprint sensor, fast charge, 16 megapixels, dual flash and image stabilizer at that price will be available from march 1 in china, to see it marketed in other countries we will still have to wait a bit. Car and smartphone, inseparable companions different car manufacturers have gathered at this mobile world congress 2016. With these vehicles of the future we can already reserve a parking space through the new seat system, open our car thanks to the volvo digital key and renew the battery of our terminal thanks to the inductive charge that skoda has developed . Technologies rather typical of a science fiction movie but that we have already been able to see during these days in barcelona. The folding mobile?

Car and Smartphone, Inseparable Companions

And if we believed that curved screens were the future, it is because. Until now we had not seen roll-up screens. Can you imagine being able to carry the tablet under your arm like we do with the newspaper? It is already possible thanks to the british company flex enable. Which at the mobile world congress has presented this new. System that works through lcd technology capable of printing on the same plastic used by conventional water bottles. A technology that they hope to put at the service of the industry very soon. More technology virtual reality has also been very present, htc presented the definitive model of the htc vive. A system capable of detecting body movement. It will hit stores in april purchased for around $799.

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