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Of course you open this article after such a title. Now I am perhaps the biggest fan of recruiters and recruitment in the Netherlands, so where does this suddenly come from? Of course we are not going to send recruiters away en masse. Are you a recruiter? Then read this article extra carefully, because I’m afraid that I’ll be kick out of the board of Recruiters Unit as quickly as I got in. In fact, here* I explain Mexico Phone Number why you should even give every recruiter a hug.What should we especially do? Stop immediately adding new recruiters to organizations with the idea that this is the solution to all our problems. Please note: I will take you through my story full of ideas, quotes from princesses, puppies and other historical figures. So this article is not a waste of time to read Mexico Phone Number anyway, because only a psychopath doesn’t like puppies and princesses.

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Until recently, the nurse, the Java developer or the plumber was just about the most popular profile in the Netherlands. But nowadays that is none other than the recruiter himself.Is that gut feeling or is that really the case? Check LinkedIn and you will see that there are 28,000 vacancies open for recruiters in the Mexico Phone Number . Hello 28,000?! Have you already let it sink inThose golden boys . Girls are of course so desperately need to recruit all those nurses, Java developers and plumbers, so far I understand it in this extremely tight labor market.

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So the philosophy of the average Dutch Mexico Phone Number organization: oh we have so many vacancies, we aim for one or two new recruiters and our problems will disappear like snow in the sun.But adding more recruiters to this job market is of course like continuing to pull a bunny by the ear and expecting it to turn into a rabbit. Or expect to make a baby with nine women in one month. That just won’t work. Adding more recruiters to your organization will certainly not increase the available candidate pool in our labor market.



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