George Soros, Moral Economy and Free Market

George soros is a famous stock speculator. In forbes magazine he occupies the seventh position as one of the richest men in the united states. His fortune has been by combining intelligence, opportunity, study and voracity. She was born in a middle class neighborhood in hungary. She survived world war ii and will die in her lavish $24 million, 16-bedroom apartment on fifth avenue, new york. Free market fundamentalism george soros is known for his opposition to market fundamentalism. As a reminder, I summarize the characteristics of free market fundamentalism: little government intervention in the economic sphere and greater freedom for companies; the market regulates itself naturally and spontaneously like a living organism; the privatization of public services is better because civil servants lack the motivation to provide a good service.

Taxes must be ; consumption must be stimulated and wealth is automatically generated for all; barriers to the flow of capital must be eliminated and markets opened to foreign companies; the best way to preserve the common interest is for everyone to look after their own. George soros warns in his book the crisis of global capitalism (1998) about the risks of free market fundamentalism: «market values ​​express what their participants wish to pay each other in a Belize Phone Number List of free exchange. Markets do not reflect social values, nor other values ​​intrinsic to human beings». Let’s not fool ourselves. The deregulation of markets serves the common interest when actions are guided by moral principles and when we have legal regulations that limit human greed.

Free Market Fundamentalism

The free market today is a welfare utopia. Concentration of wealth in few hands, weakening of the national economy, indebted states, a social fabric exhausted by the looting of unscrupulous multinationals… Free market fundamentalism must gradually give way to a moral economy that impacts the way we do marketing. From the perspective of the free market, the increase in profits is what animates the entire system. The state (unfortunately) instead of protecting consumers and citizens facilitates the growth of corporations and financial institutions. However, from the moral economy, it is the common good and shared values ​​that move the wheel. George soros and marketing in a moral economy, when a company does marketing to deceive its customers, when it illegally sabotages its competitors.

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When it evades paying taxes and ignores care for the environment, its collapse is inevitable. From a moral economy perspective, marketing invites consumers to reflect on the impact of their purchasing choices. You and I have the power to buy well. And marketing becomes a tool that mobilizes responsible and sustainable consumption. Marketing informs the user of the origin of the products, of the social responsibility of the company that generates it, of the products that comply with ecological principles. The client is to punish companies that trample on the general welfare. Already in 2013 a nielsen study stated that: 58% of consumers globally are willing to pay more as long as it is a product that saves energy and reduces co2 emissions. 48% of consumers globally want to buy green products regardless of price.

George Soros and Marketing

And while it is true that there is still a long way to go in terms of educating users. On responsible consumption, the will and intention are moving in that direction. The intelligent consumer does not want the market to threaten his rights (in fact he asks for more rights). To a quality education, public health, social, legal and personal security or an environment without contamination… It is for that moral economy more in tune with the needs of people and the planet that we must prepare. As rostislav torchinskiy told us, if the result is more than 50 points, that user has considerable influence. It is already a good result. If it is more than 60. The user is already to be an opinion leader in that area.The winds of change are blowing in menéame , the news aggregator and by users that.

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