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Yes you read that right. Google is twice on this list and no that’s not a mistake. Google-generated data can be used to inform your SEO strategy. Here’s how Before you leave the popular search engines check out Google’s people also ask and related searches features. Both are valuable resources and give you different ideas for using. These features show you what questions people are asking around your topic and other research related to it. This tool provides information about the interests of your target audience and intent to search. In the previous running shoes example the people also ask section reveals two different research intentions. The first is a search for information and seems to be. A researcher looking for information about running on flat feet. The second is commercial intent researchers are looking for the best shoes to buy.

Google Autocomplete So Don’t Forget This Step

You can consider creating content around these two keywords to reach two different audiences. 7 unique keyword sources to boost your website. Ranking screenshot of SERP feature people also ask. For google search for running shoes January 2021. When we look at related research South Africa Phone Number we find. That many researchers look specifically at Nike for running shoes. Knowing this may lead you to investigate in more detail. About Nike’s keyword strategy to understand. How to reach its audience and inform your research. 7 unique keyword sources to boost your website ranking. Screenshot of the SERP related searches feature for a google search. For running shoes January 2021 this is one of the best keyword search hacks. It is very effective when analyzing smaller specialized.

Websites but Can Be Used on Larger Websites

South Africa Phone Number

Plus it’s very simple. Here’s how all you have to do is look at your competitor’s. By the same token Website and ask yourself what keywords your competitor is using in their title. 7 unique keyword sources to boost your website. Equally important Ranking screenshot by January 2021 it is clear from. The page that vacations flights and excursions are their. To say nothing of Focus areas based on the structure of their website. Has a drop down menu which means they are a heavy topic. In the first place On the tub website if you are competing. With tub for organic traffic this idea will lead to the types of long. As a matter of fact Tail keywords you can use to gain more market share.

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