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I also sold quilts and sold 2 sets myself. At the same time, three classmates who were also receiving freshmen helped me sell 4 sets and gave them a commission of 30 yuan for each set. I found that there are still more people and more power. In the end, there were 3 sets left. I told my roommate that if you could sell it, I would give you 50 per Qatar Mobile Number set. As a result, he brought 4 people back after having breakfast on the third morning and sold them all. . Of course, this is not a business for me. It can only be said that it is an attempt in my student days. After all, the input and output are not large. This is my first small business. Therefore, I want to say that there is a way to have less money with less money.

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Besides, there are many powerful people, and some people even succeed in starting a business without investment. The author of this question is not necessarily as Rowan said, “From the question you ask, you can know that you are not suitable for starting a business.” Because mediocre people like me dare to try. Case 2: Yu Jiang, a successful Qatar Mobile Number entrepreneur in Xiamen, proved that a small business can also be successful: I started my business with 5,000 yuan, 12 years ago, and I’m still doing it. Made a down payment on Monday with some of the money I had saved, and went to pick up the car in two days. I think the project can be big or small, the most important thing is that you insist that what you do is worth your insistence.

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Qatar Mobile Number

It’s enough to get three rounds of selling meat buns. Pushing a cart to sell Kanto boiled water is enough, It’s enough to buy some goods and set up a stall on the flyover. Sometimes dreams have nothing to do with size or form. What matters is how Qatar Mobile Number you want to achieve it. Maybe you want to open a chain hot pot restaurant, then you can start by selling oden from a cart, at least you will start to understand the dishes and ingredients.

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