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At that time, users and traffic begin to increase significantly, going from 20,000 to 70,000 tweets a day . Also, in august of that same year, a user, chris messina, invented (by chance) the hashtag , which would later be implemented on the platform. Chris messina was the first person who (by chance) had the idea for the hashtag. He suggested using the pad to talk between groups of people. Looking ahead to the gallery, things were going very well, but within the company the quarrels were becoming more and more evident among the founders. Until williams, in another typical act of a movie villain, suggests jack dorsey’s removal , a decision that everyone in the company agreed with. With williams as ceo, twitter continued to grow and the number of users ended up bursting. Suffice it to say that the number of unique users increased by 1,300% in 2009.

An inordinate success. The problem was that the platform began to fall continuously. Twitter story: the end of evan williams and the triumphant return of jack dorsey history of social networks: how they were born and what was their evolution as the platform kept crashing and the problem was not fixed, the criticism worsened. Williams had overseen this wild increase in users, but at the time he wasn’t good at making the right decisions . Both he and biz stone knew they needed to hire a large Italy Phone Number List of employees to get the job done. The truth is that twitter became a real chaos , despite having 145 million users did not generate much income. Ultimately, faced with this untenable situation, twitter board members decided to fire evan williams and bring back jack dorsey as CEO.

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Dick costolo , an entrepreneur and former comedian, replaced williams as ceo until jack dorsey took over in 2015, where he remains today. Biz stone ended up leaving the company in june 2011 due to lack of support. The history of twitter, the social network that revolutionized the world of media the history of twitter from then to the present has been calm, with fewer technical problems and scuffles between its directors. It is still in shape and has 330 million monthly active users around the world, of which 4.9 million are spanish . Https://marketing4ecommerce.Net/what-social-networks-with-more-users-world-2019-top/ according to the latest study of social networks in spain prepared by elogia, the majority of twitter users in spain are between 32 and 45 years old.

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They use it for its instantaneity and as a source of information and they. Combine it with other networks such as whatsapp and Facebook . On the other hand, despite the fact that it has always been. In the shadow of facebook, even today it is still influential and setting trends . There is no world event or news that on twitter. In fact it covers more than one scenario live before any media. The truth is that twitter has been fighting for years to maintain its status as a benchmark social network. Incorporating features that please veteran users and engage new ones. Including multiple photos or gifs in tweets, the option to do surveys. Eliminating the character limit for private messages. Or expanding the character limit to 280 are intended to bring the social network closer to its audience.

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However, not all the changes on twitter in recent years have pleased everyone. One of the most notorious was the change in its timeline. In which the tweets would appear in order of relevance instead of in chronological order. This did not please twitter fans very much, who would soon begin to trending topic. The hashtag although it is not at its best moment of popularity. We continue to watch television connected through hashtags. In fact, many personalities from the world of politics, sports or culture use the platform as another means of communication . Even a company, person or influencer can lose its good reputation just with a poorly managed tweet . Although other social networks such as facebook and instagram have a greater number of users, the virality of a comment on twitter still does not have direct competition .

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